Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


Top 10 stuff here :thumbsup:


Absolutely incredible work! The detail, the design… all of it is top drawer!

[font=Verdana]For me, it’s unfortunate that all of that great work is obscured because of, what appears to be, not the best lighting. Granted, it could be a combination of the BG being too similar a tone to the smoke, the FG cockpit image and any dirt or grime anywhere else in the image. Regardless of the lighting the almost monochromatic use of colour is tending to flatten this otherwise phenomenal piece out.[/font]

In your concept sketch you had a light coming from the bottom of the launch bay structure. I think doing that, alone, would give the separation that the BG, MG and FG needs to finalize this piece and make it an early favorite.

But, as has been said by others… if you do nothing this is still an amazing entry that has raised the bar.

Kudos for all you great work!



Hi Stephane!
Man now this is one hell of an image, very awesome job mate! 100 x :thumbsup: :applause:


Hey stefgrafx!.. amazing job mate… good luck!


Absolutely stunning image - congratulations on a great final:thumbsup:


Good job but i think it’s look like gurbejs coming of instead of smoke:)


Your image it I discover likes me much, which super work, your
composition final selected good and the colors well considering,
good luck.


Any updates coming? I’d like to see the changes come from the artist himself.

Excellent work! :thumbsup:


cgkrusty: After testing differents final renders I choose this tone, its a ambience I have in mind since the first test… I will post later a black-white version… for me it give more dramatism and contrasts to the scene… but I anderstand that my choice will not match “all” the choices of people out there :wink:

baby: oui j´ai fais des essais avec des etincelles plus petites, mais avec la resolution finale a 300dpi… cela ne m´a pas convaincu… et puis je trouve que ça donne un style plus brutal… enfin… bon… :wink: et pi ça reste de la science-fiction… tout est permis ou presque héhé… dont anderstand “it’s look like gurbejs coming of instead of smoke”… perhaps my too bad english…:shrug:


The B-W version…


Stéphane C,

I like your image a lot – the texturing is amazing. Have you thought about adding some depth of field? It took me a minute to distinguish the foreground from the background. The graphical elements are very strong in this piece, but the imagery would be clearer if you establish a foreground, middle ground, background.

Just an observation, good work



hello Stephane,
very dynamic image…the colored one is better. and don’t let baby touch your image(LOL…i’m kidding!). all i can say is days are few…just keep rendering. wish you all the best!


hey man , It is a professional job . u did this job by putting so much pain . U made a great scenes and models . I like it .

Good luck dear . :thumbsup:

                                     But u know what I mean  ... !


a little detail…

in the corner of window…the glass shouldn’t be as shiny where you have the dirt…


very nice final image…your work in textures is remarkable as well your modeling!..very good job!:thumbsup:


mschrd110: dont think so… and I send the Hi-Res image… so :shrug: I must start others things…

shiela_G: No problem with baby… its a bad-french-boy as me :wink:

baby: bon he, ho… tu chipotes la… he pi c´est pas de la saleté, c´est du givre qui c´est formé a l´intérieur… contraste avec le froid externe… -50º (sa te va comme explication? :wink: au fait pour faire parti du bananas-club… faut faire quoi? héhé

thanks all


Very good scene. I liked this style very much.

If you have time please check my entries. I need some comments.


nice, in bw I like it, but in colour i love it;-)
hope to see you in finals


Your modeling and texturing looks great. The only things that bothers me is the ships all have the same texture maps, as if they’re exact clones of each other with burn marks etc all the same.

As well, the ships arn’t seperating from the background, at first glance I thought they were structures that were attached to the large wall. I think part of the problem is the blueish entrance at the nose of the top ship is blending into the nose itself. Some placement and color seperation might help.


U DID IT MAN!! LOOKS PERFECT!!.. cant discriBE WITH WORDS!!.. awefully awesome textureing and unbarebly detail modeling… just aweomse!!.. man i wanted to wish u luck, but guess u wont b needing that… guess if i was the judge i wud proudly hand u over the first prize…great job :thumbsup: