Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.



I just needed to try, hope you’re not angry because I touch you pic…
sorry sorry :wink:

maybe it’s too much…but I’m sure a little fog could be nice…

bon ok mon reflet y pu du ku…un coup de brosse comme ca…


I think you need more contrast [ light on ships and dark on docs]…good effect of smoke.


baby: What to say?.. you give really a “more dynamic” view to my scene, really like your test man :thumbsup: , sometime its good to ear out there what people see… and that you “dont see”… too much hours on the same image… :rolleyes:

maintenant le probleme c´est que si je fais des retouches d´apres ton test c´est du plagiat de ma propre image?.. j´en perd mon french héhé :applause:

todd4cgi: baby give me good ideas…

NicoDN: je n´y manquerai pas.

Alex200: yes its a idea that I´ve tested… good idea


j’dis tu fais comme tu le sens et comme t’as envie…

c’est ma philo… :slight_smile:


yes! this is the one i waiting for ! you don’t disaapoint me ! very great entry! and baby’s retouch is very good too! i don’t know what to add to your image! great work


Yeah Baby! Looks much cooler with the fog, real world like, otherwise I can’t
separate the rear ships from the background either. The slight ochre warming
of the fog makes the background slightly muddy and decayed looking which
contrasts nicely with the blue and crisper details on the ships. The fog has
a burned smoke feel making the scene feel more dangerous. Will be nice to see
the action/story details and comp final.

my 3d entry


high level of texture


damn this is good:love:

textures are uber sweet, models are just the right detail andt he effects and lighting make it look totally cool.

maybe one small comment, alltho I feel a bit out of my league commenting on something like this hehe.
considering you added a thick layer of dirt of the side of the window of the foreground cockpit, shouldn’t the central bit ot window be a bit dirtier?
even if it had been wiped clean, there would still be some stains distorting the specularity, dn’t you think?


All of your modeling work is very well done. The foreground elements need seperation from the background - as everything gets lost in a barrage of detail - (the eye does not know where to focus). Remember it is the big picture that counts - not the little details. So much focus on this challenge is placed on the finite elements, that I begin to wonder if people remember how to sell a concept on story (rather than modeling skill). Nevertheless, we are all here to learn. I have no c&c about the models or lighint, all that is very well done. Just the depth of the scene. Take a look at this: Scene from ALien 4 - Another scene from Alien 4. You will notice how the background differentiates from the foreground. Some use of obscurity will bring final balance to your lovely work. :slight_smile:


Awesome! bravo! it is really impressive. I reaaally like baby’s touch ups (don’t missinterpret those words :smiley: ) , gives another dimension to your picture. Keep pushing your work forward!


hey is nice to see all your pogress.
it looks too much better.


This is a very well constructed piece. My suggestion would be to try and change the value of the background from the ships. As it is they kind of blend into each other to much. Maybe just some specular on the ships would give it punch.
I really like this one.



I love your work so far but I think the others are on to something with the foreground/background issue. Another aspect that I think contributes to the problem is that everything looks a bit static. The ships don’t convey any sense of speed. Baby’s retouch with the fog helps a bit but the first thing I noticed is that cockpit and pilot in the extreme forground seem motionless. I’m sure it’s difficult to capture the right sense in a still image but with him being so close to the camera, It almost seems like he needs a little blur or something. Anyting that will give him a sense of motion. Otherwise it’s like he’s just hanging there.

Excellent modeling and texturing I must say.


thanks all… yes I´m going to use the “baby´s” ideas, give more motion to the scene, will also add some sparks to the reactors to made them as “heaviest-machinery”… and also add some reflects to the cockpit… a darker tone to the entire image etc… well, I think I will post the final-image tomorrow…


final image…


Awesome! Congrats on finishing with such a great image!:thumbsup:


I agree. Very good image :thumbsup:
I just think the colors could be a bit brighter such as those in the touch-up of baby, it gives more life to the scene, and everything seems to be blended in.

However, it still remains a fantastic image as is.


yeah it looks better…less agressive for the eye than the previous version…it add more dynamics, depth and colors are soft !

cool update !:thumbsup:


cool stuff…do you have an online portfolio?


pitetre que les etincelles auraient pu etre un peu moins grosses…