Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Lupton


Hi there Shaun
Really great textures youwe done here, excelent job, thumbs up! The skin looks very detailed.
Well, dunno if the bottom lip supose to be that way? And i would work a little more on the teth of the character, cause now thay look a little plastic.
Once again excelent textures!


awesome modelign and textureing man… that char of urs looks really scarry… like his teeths… very nice keep it up mate… :thumbsup:


Crusty_Butt - hey thanks bret, Im still working on the textures but its starting to come along, glad to hear a creapy feel came with it…

Kaksht - Great observations, bottom lip still needs a little more texture work, when the spec map is done is should look better around the lip area. Teeth are default blinns messed with a little.

overcontrast - THanks a ton, im starting to get that itch to begin the scene work, Ill keep going towards my goal of finishing.

I plan on updating tonight with something, maybe something from the scene I havent started yet. Ill post my maps of this guy once I finish them. More to come FOLKS!



Ive decided to work on the city a little. The name of it is called “Atlantica”, thus the similarities to The lost city of Atlantis. The city though will thrive with beauty and the architecture will be not of this world. Buildings as high as the eye can see, and architecture resemblng an ancient age. The color scheme the city will have will be a Pearl with Gold trim. Once the City is made, I will show small indications of the start of descruction and war.

This is a small update of one of the buildings, I plan of having several kinds of buildings of different shapes and styles once done.

More to come…



hey Shaun hows it going? Looking great man, nice modeling and texturing, I think the aliens head is a little large for my liking.

lookin forward to seeing more updates!



Good to see you back in action. That building looks stunning and nice choice of type for the title. It would make a neat poster.



Here is the latest update. Ive really been busy here the last couple weeks. I plan on finishing this thing though, so plan on updates up the wazoo! Here is the city scape im working on, im doing one building at a time. The color theme as stated before is gold and pearl blue. I want it to look like a perfect clean bright uptopia. More to come.



Hey Mike (BRUTICUS) - long time no hear, good to see your still alive and kicking in the 3d realm of things. hit me up with an email sometime, sorry for lack of reply as I had not known anyone wrote in here.

Crusty_Butt - Hey, thanks! thats is probably as detailed as im going to get as im going to have a city of these things all over, so it may get pretty heavy. Thanks for the encouragement!!

More to come folks!



Building seems very good. Style and colors are in a such good harmony.

If you like please check my entries. I need some comments.



Glad to see your back in it. Keep up the good work. Nice job!


Hey man, these buildings looking good and very futuristic.

Good stuff at your entry (please don’t look at mine, I have only 2 months at 3d hehe, and after the challenge will be learning to draw well if having time).

Btw, I like your site specially the woman drawings (pin-ups), that’s the kind of stuff I want to draw.

Good luck! :deal:


Hey guys,

thanks for stopping in!

kuzgunoglu - Glad you like, Ill be sure to drop in on yours and se if I can give an constructive critism to help!

||) |V| |^| - Thanks a ton! It feels good to be doing this again, ive been sort of aching to get back into it. Yours is coming out GREAT! Ill keep on posting updates as they come about.

Daniel Pittaluga - Thanks a bunch! Glad you like my lady pinups of the site! Dont worry about being new to 3d, its all about finding what you like in this field early on, and spending the next couple years being the best at that area! Your doing fine.

More to come



Here is where im at with the city with a mornings worth of work, Im still working my arse off to finish this all in time. I will go back to character work as soon as im satisfied with the city. More to come!



Here is something I thought might help out those learning to model a human head. This head will be used in creating all the different creatures as well as human faces that will be changed up. I hope this helps…



Hey All!

This is where im at with the tribesman. Im slowly doing the texture work and adding little things to him. I should have him completelly modeled and textured within the next couple days. I will then try to finish the human characters. Tell me what you think as far as color wise etc. Hope you like the update.



Great work. But still much to be done, I hope you will get it to the end on time. It will rock then:) good luck


Thanks for that and good luck at the challenge (…well you don’t need such thing as luck)

Keep it up!! :eek:


I yiyi!

So little time left. I havent got much sleep the last couple days trying to put this thing together before the deadline. I may hafe to skip a couple things like not do the humans lower half of the body to give me more time to work on the upper parts. I still need to texture the humanoid and pose them eh! I hope to finish. Im moving here the next couple days so Ill do what I can, I hope to have a final version up sometime within the week. A new update for you all below.

arturro - I hope to finish to, I hope you as well finish as time seems to evade everyone.

Daniel Pittaluga - Hey thanks man, much abliged!!! Ill do my best with what I have…



Heres the lastest as far as this challenge. This is the balcony that the chracters will be fighting on. I will spend the last day I have posing them like the michelangelo style I said from the begining. The balcony still needs detailing, Ill provide that on the next update. Lighting is mainly area lights and a direction and ambient at low intensity. Color tone may change later on depending on how they all work together. More to come…



Ive only gotten a temporary internet connection to upload the remaining pieces of the puzzle for this challenge as Ive moved here the last week. This is a render of the humanoid character with armor. At this point legs are unnecessary as they wont be needed in the final shot. More to come tonight.