Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Lupton


Hey Versiden,

glad you like the stuff. Yup, the alien head is just a quick texture that got worked in with photoshop for an idea. The final will probably look a lot more alienlike. More to come shortly.



Hey all,

this is where im at with the alien armor wip. Im planning on adding tons more armor and detail to it, hopefully next update. Im using samuri and knighthood armor, along with futuristic reference, on future update. Enjoy…



that armoured alien looks nice, but isn’t the head slightly too big, compared to his thin arms ?


I love the idea of Atlantis having been a technologically advanced society. Maybe dropships in the background would help show that they are interacting with aliens…


azazel - yeah, they are a little skinny, but thats sort of the plan, as the hands will be big, though looking at it again, I may put some more mass onto them as I have not spent much time with that part as of yet. I should probably elongate them too… Thanks for the feedback.

TiTaNiuM sAMuRa - Good point, I need to sit down and write a distinctive story about my idea. I was pretty vague in the begining. Ive decided to use an Atlantis themed idea, but have the scene occur on a planet that I have not made a name for yet. More of a star wars type of civilization taken in a waterworld type of atmosphere, with hints of history and beauty through movements of the body through posing and colors as rich as a Michelangelo painting. That is the idea. I will write a story to go along with the idea and put it in the front page soon after.

Thanks for all the feedback and critiques folks, more to come shortly…



Excellent original concept sketch. The models are looking great too. I really like the idea of mixing old and new in the final image, especially you’re reference to Michelangelo. As other comments on Art history… I think the final image would look great as a huge Rennaissance piece, with colour and grandeur to match. Maybe you could add some nods to some famous works of art, not directly, but just enough to show where you’re inspiration lies?

Best of Luck.



hey there, thanks for the kind comments anf glad you see my vision a little clearer, though I still have a long ways to go, this should be great when complete. I will have hand gestures like of a renaisance painting and poses as well. Colors with lighting will be the hardest part for this piece, so when I get to that, I may spend more time to try to get the right feeling needed to pull off a painting/michelangelo effect. I hope to add another update tonight. More to ocme…



Here is the latest Update, minimal, but enough to call it a day. Im trying to work a little bit every day so I can complete this challenge. I hope you like the latest update. More to come tommarrow.



Wow that is some awesom tight modeling there. What did you say you are using to do that?? Your organic modeling is supurb. I also like the classical painting feel of your composition.
Keep it up!


Excellent work!
Hope to see the other stages!:thumbsup:


awesome~ i lke your models~ and human head~

one small crit… on the alien, seems like his body is kind of small compared to the head…
maybe you intended that way? but from his face structue seems like he would look better if his head size was a bit smaller~

keep up the good work~


Excellent work! Your style is very aestetic-reminds me Lord of the Rings movie a bit. Your models have such richness of details - hope U manage to finish it all before deadline!
I wonder how U manage to capture Micelangelo’s colour palette :slight_smile:
Anyway, good luck!


As always Shaun you are doing some very nice work/art…The concept/idea are excellent,and your start here with the modeling equals it,i hope to see you finish and have this reach it’s potential…All the best to you,and i’ll be watching for more…:arteest:


Hey thanks all!!! :thumbsup:

sicksurfer - Hey thanks very much, I plan to do another concept sketch later on for color theory of the final image. Im using maya for my 3d work. Thanks again…

adel3d - THanks, more to come shortly, maybe tonight or tommarrow as its my gf birthday today…

young_927 - good observation, I should render a couple other views so your able to see his whole facial structure, the next update will be more anitomically correct.

taavi - Thanks for the kind words, to get Michelangelos color palette, I will simply find a piece where his painting is most vibrant and relates to humans and scenery. From that use Photoshop color picker to mimick lighting inside of 3d program light setup. Most likelly if lighting is my main source for the final I may go with Carvaggio as his moods are fantastic and use the human asthetic form from a michelangelo painting instead for modeling purposes. Excuse me for wrong spellings…

Virtuoso - Thanks you very much in the humblest of forms Michael, I plan to finish this time around. Just moving in baby steps though as I have other things going on right now, but 70 days should be plenty of time to finish. Thanks for the continued support, yours as you know is coming out beautifully as well… :slight_smile:

New updates late tonight, early tommarrow. Thanks again for the C&C!!



Hey all,

sorry for lack of updates the last couple days. Here is where im at with the first alien creature. Ive started with some of the detail work now that Ive masked out the body. I plan on having these creatures be very detailed, textures will help with this along the line. 65 days left and counting, wish me luck!



I wish you luck Shaun…And with your skills the project I think…no I “Know” will be one Hell of a beauty…Character is looking very nice,and with a touch more work and than textures it will be off the charts level good…I’ll keep watching,and enjoying your work…The concept and thus far your modeling are looking great…:arteest:


HI, this is just another update of the alien armor, I still have other details to work out as well as finishing something things around the arms and lower body, but all in all its starting to come together. Once he is complete I will start on the other alien heads, I will place my concept sketches of these heads in a future post so you are able to see how they were created.

Watching everyone elses creations, I feel Like im working at a much slower pace, I better start picking up the load if im going to have a chance to finish. Michael, thanks again for your support, you already know how I feel about your entry! Marvelous! Chao for now!



I like the sketch. seems like a good idea.
Hope to see more

see this>


Here is begining of the texture of the tribesman alien creature. I still have yet to do the spec map as well as finish adding veins and discoloration, thus, I wanted to show an update to say im still around, so more to come shortly, maybe even the start of some of the scene work.


kaajey, thanks for the comment, I plan on update a ton more…


That startled me. Those eyes are creepy, and that skin texture looks great.

Rock on.