Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Absher


I haven’t even touched anything in regards to shaders on the girl. I think the default phong is on there right now.
The foot is placed there to, uh, hide monster bits that I would rather not model if I can help it.


Ok, last change to the pose, I hope.


Heh you sure? :wink: Her left leg is confusing - looks almost like it’s amputated at the knee, and there’s not that nice deformation on left hip.


Yes…that hip strike me wierd too…very nice work overall though :thumbsup: :bounce:


Hi Shaun!
Yes as mentioned before the hip looks quite painfull…
Nevertheless, You have a great imege here :thumbsup:


If my usual pattern follows I’ll be happy with this until I look at it in a couple hours.


Now this is Frazeta come to life in 3D! Well done Rook. :slight_smile:


Looks great! :slight_smile:

no crits.


…No doubt.


Impressive work, I like the idea verry much :thumbsup:

I will looking forward to see the final picture :bounce:


The spec is too high. I need more tonal variation, but this is just about 50% of texturing done. I need to finish the background and quick.
Hopefully things will go easier tomorow when I don’t have a crazy headache.


good progress, but I hink that her make up is too strong.


You should have had this in the machine flesh contest, it would’ve fit in perfectly. Her head seems a little flat, but nice image.


My fix for the flat head is trying give her a back light. Moving geometry at this point itsn’t a good idea.
If I where to have entered the machine flesh challenge, I’m sure I would have done a fleet of spaceships attacking a world eating planet :wink:


The render is very bad, the volume light is desaturating the whole image. Maybe it will be better just render the scene without it and then render separatly the volumetric light and fit them together in Photoshop(or whatever)


I dislike oversatured images. The volume light adds a lot to the composition so I need to make it work. Hopefully my compositing skills are up to snuff to pull things togather.


Here is just one of the many layers that I’m rendering out for my final image. Not to exciting, but then I want there to be a small amount of suprise with the final image.


nice …do u know any resorce for rendreing the layer seprately ?:wise:


I’m not sure I know what you mean. I end up using this render as a multiply layer in photoshop. I just assigned one shader to all my objects and rendered out the scene.


Here is my final image. There is not much left to say, but good luck to everyone.