Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Absher


This lady surely is a killer (metaphorically and literally) :thumbsup:

Agree with arturro on the the cloth matter…less aggresive…

Waiting for some updates!


I just added some details to the armor plating. I think I’m going to move on to other modeling matters and wait and see how she looks in the compisition before addressing and new changes.


I just love her suit! The organic feel is just well apply that it doesn’t look unconfortable. Can’t wait to see her in action!:argh:


love the suit man… it kicks ass… only 1 crit for the ab area is that I think it should have less ridges…


Nice going here! :thumbsup: Some minor crit is on the hair…they seem rather plastic (of course that’s why it is still a WIP! Me fool! :smiley: )

It reminds me Todd McFarlane’s work (aka SPAWN series), same mystery, dark figure with twisted outfit and heavy accessories!!
I dig! :buttrock:


Thanks for the crit Versiden. I’m going to wait and see how she reads once she’s in the compisition and then adjust her.
The hair is plastic lookin, but as you say, Terraarc she’s wip, no textures yet.


I have neglected posting because I have been unhappy with my efforts on this creature thus far. I like something aspects of him and others I’m luke warm on. Hopefully a zbrush pass will give him some zing.


hey great model man!


Looking nice man, I think the transition between the rib cage and abs could be softer, also I’d make his belly fat hang over his crotch, right now it’s way too smooth. The pecs look a little odd, I’d rethink the shape.

it’s gonna look awesome after a zbrush pass!

happy holidays :slight_smile:


Very excellent creature so far. Your entire process looks tight. Great job. Keep at it!


Here is my first pass on the creature’s torso with Zbrush.
Thanks for the advice Kwak. The pecks look a little to saggy for me right now; like they are made of jello without muscle underneath. The stomache on the other hand I perfer, as opposed to a more fatty version.
Good to see some people aren’t afraid to critique in here.


Great modeling skills :surprised Especially the head part of the creature looks really great. Nice idea to make on big eye out of it :smiley:


Ha, a big eye, I never looked at it that way. I was intending it to be tech. The creature derives it’s senses from it’s mechanical equipment, making it a more effecient killing machine, and giving me an excuse to model some hooks in the flesh.


This looks amazing!

I can’t wait to see this image complete. It is very likely going to get first place.


great model
well done:thumbsup:


awsome modeling!
I haven’t seen such good modeling among others,
wish you success!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Hope to see the other stages!


WOW! Pretty scary creature! The details work just fine z-brushed! :thumbsup:

Nothing to crit at this point waiting for arms and legs :slight_smile:

Best wishes :slight_smile:


looks to me like the pecs might be a bit high on the torso, on humans the bottom the sternum is just a tiny bit (2" or so) below the bottom of the pecs, but on your monster it seems to be like a foot below, then again this is a monster, so…it’s not a big deal to fudge the anatomy a bit. I hope that makes sense. I also think the jaw could use a more varied shape, right now it seems a little too angular, making it look almost mechnical - though, that might be what you’re going for.

anyway, really promising man, best work I’ve seen in this competition.




Hey man, your models are awesome! Very impressive detail work. The only crit I have is the close resemblance of your monster design to a character from the Authority comic book. I don’t know if it was subconcious, but he looks very similar to a character named Seth. Just a heads up! Great 3D!


Damn, Kwak now that sternum is going to drive me nuts. It’s funny the stuff you don’t notice when your in the middle of making something.
Theodorus, I have never read the Authority. (Though I have been told it’s quite good.) If you have any links to a picture of the character it would be appreciated. My thoughts of the design where just to have something big like a shark mixed with King Kong. The shark like head looked so silly I changed it to this more alien design with tech integrated into him.