Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Shaun Absher


Shaun Absher has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: “Forgotten Weapons”

Here is my final image. There is not much left to say, but good luck to everyone.


Considering my general lack of time, I’m going to try and skimp on the 2d end of things.





post an update!




First the head, then the body.


A few tweaks


This is your quick head? it’s great and very beautiful! I can’t wait to see your next updates…

good luck:thumbsup:


Wow - i;m really attracted to that head - even though its severed, grey and currently a-sexual. yep, you can tell i’ve been up all night


Well this version of hair is a failure. I think I’ll move on and get back to it.


hey that llooks really nice… keep up the good works… may the force b with u :thumbsup:


Here is a quick test with SSS.


heh… another “quick” test which would take me a few days to get such great result!
But I agree, the hair are to be changed…


very nice modelling and very good progress … really fast
lets see some more:bounce:


Lifelike intensity in the face. Looks almost like she is thinking and has a soul.


Hi. Woooow nice modeling. It looks very real. Why don’t you send some concepts, I realy like to see that.

Keep working hard.


Stilly ugly and simple, but it describes the scene to me.


I can’t wait to start sculpting the costume. Before that she needs some arm and legs.


The legs are looking weak, so I’ll redo those before I post them. I’m not entirely happy with arms and hands, but I can’t start picking over the details yet.


Wow - very nice Rook. I’m glad to see reasonable breasts on your model as well - almost always we see them exaggerated and perfect beyond reality. It is the slight imperfections that really give 3D models a bit more life. If you hold a mirror to one half of your face, and then look in a mirror, and hold it over the other half - you will find that one side is slightly different than the other. This is the law in each of us. When we start to do this in 3D models, they will take on a new meaning of real looking and lose that reflected half perfection that needs to go away.

Looking forward to seeing you big picture. I must have missed the concept somewhere…



My concept is on the first page. I’m trying to maximize my time in 3d, so the 2d end of things are extremely loose.


Loooking Groovy,

I can’t wait to see the legs! UPDATE! :thumbsup: