Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


fabulous! everyone of them should get a place on the wall :buttrock:

this is gonna be a brilliant piece of work when they are all put together:thumbsup:


great stuff… when you start the Y’rr it will be a good contrast of different worlds and technology…


Wow great stuff. There seems too be quite a few organic themed pieces in this competition (my buildings are organic as well :)). Your stuff been great, i really love the shading in your work and the organic forms are presented well in your model too. Cool stuff:thumbsup:


Organic with a capital “O” :arteest: …Beautiful and exotic…free forms,jelly-fish like,smooth and vibrant…I think as much “Intensity” as you can get into these “texture wise” will be vital,very important sascha…I think you are doing an excellent job,a very unique one too,fluid and beautiful…Keep it on the fastest of the fast lanes (Autobahns…I just love them :wink: )…Looking fantastic Sascha…I’ll be watching always the progress with great interest…:arteest: :beer:


Sascha…man…i really get a wild kick every time i see your work…it’s amazing how difficult and visionaire your aproach is …i can’t do this man…wow…Me likes very much the Destroyer :thumbsup: :love:

I am happy 'cuase i see u have fun with this…


very nice man!! this remember me the METROID heheeh very cool dude!!!

keep up!!!
best luck man!!


Very classy and elegant. This is the kind of beauty we need in CG.



looks really cool and solid. Only thing I have to crit is how the lower “tentacles” end… it looks just so “meshsmoothed-box” like… maybe you want to give 'em a more interesting ending… not just like a smoothed stupid stick :wink:

rest is superb!
can’t wait to see more!


Hi, Sascha,

Congratulations on completing the Car’lumen fleet! The modeling and texturing continues to astound. Indeed, everything feels so organic – smooth, but slightly asymmetrical – that the missile launcher, with its simpler texturing and perfectly spherical center looks slightly out of place in the scene – though, on second look, perhaps this is primarily a result of the way it shows up against the background you’ve placed it in front of.

All of which raises another point: having seen the beautiful background plate of the wormhole, have you tested any of the Car’lumen fleet against the intended colors? I’m very curious as to how the different type of lighting and stronger colors affect the look of what you’ve so painstakingly built.

Good luck on the next phase of construction; should be a fascinating contrast!


Amazing update Sascha your piece of work is unique and original , the destroyer looks perfect .

We want more updates man :wip: :wip: :wip:


very organic and very very VERY…heheh. your renders catch my attention Saacha. eye candy:thumbsup:


Hey Sascha!

Glad to meet a fellow Jellyfisher! Curious how a lot of people got inspiration from these graceful creatures for a Space Opera contest! I’m actually going on a more photoreal direction, and will try to keep very close to the resemblance of real jellyfishes, but I really love what you’re coming up with. Nice concepts and great detailed modelling… keep up the good stuff :thumbsup:


Wow Sascha - that jellyfish of yours is amazing! lovely, absolutely lovely :slight_smile:


Yeah Sascha, very nice work!! Once again, i think that you’re going in the right direction!! Keep on!!


Hi friends, just stopped by to say that I’m still alive and to thank u all for your ongoing support, critics ( I will fix some things next time) and your kind words:bowdown:

I’ve got very much work this time, but I hope I can post some new stuff this weekend…so this is the reason why i don’t come to your threads, friends… It’s a shame, I know that - but work’s much more important than fun…aaarrh hate this sentence, my mother always told me as I were a little bird…best wishes and we see us asap:beer: :wavey:


…Hi all who watch my little thread here: Above u see a 1st rough model of the Y’rr…
…The Y’rr ships are made for attacking and invading poor species…After winning (as usual and always in their universe)they plant their warships in the motherearth of the inferior race to take over the might forever… From the supressed population the warships are called “the flying castles of fright”.


…and a little more refined model of the warship for all wire-lovers ;-))


…another view of the refined model…
Still working on it - but C+C is much aprreciated, u know :-)))

Peace to all…


Just 3 words -> Fan-Tas-Tic :thumbsup: for instance, nothing to crit… I’m waiting that’s follow :bounce:


hey!! welcome back Sascha! :thumbsup:
yeah… you don’t spend a time for nothing… great city! reminds me Moscow…
heh… it’s curious… i don’t like Moscow… your city greatly reminds me it but your city i like a lot… :hmm: hhmmm… paradox!

:smiley: great work Sascha without any sentence… very contrastive to your jelly-fishies… :slight_smile:
keep it up friend and cheers… :beer: