Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


i love the look of your materials…i was wondering: once u have all models ready…How mucj time is going to take rendering?..i think u are using some raytrace dont u? cos those materials looks really great…hope u havent any troubles when rendering…anyway …i wanted to say that i really like your style…very original and lots of quality from you!..:buttrock:


Interesting, I hope that there is some seense of scale in your composition later on. I love the design but it is hard to tell how big this station really is :slight_smile:


…the more refined Car’lumen space station - on the top you can see a bred missilelauncher. It shoots plasma-missiles very similar to the very big bugs from “Starship Troopers”…many weapon symbionts are around the lower border of the fortress…The fortress is moveable through a squid like propulsion (contract + belch) using the natural force fields of space.
Hope u like the new pics…C+C are really welcome ;-)))


…a more detailed view fom outside and inside (ganglions and synapsis)…


…a view from below…


Many, many thanks all !!! It’s a great honor to get such nice comments especially from great artists as u are:bowdown:


I’m drinking your beautifull pictures… it’s
…hmmm, i think there’s is better stuff in your wine cellar - especially you are a frenchman…thank u, my friend !

@Nomad:Tha´nks a lot, dude! No, for the composition in this challenge i don’t need any Car’lumen Chars - but it would be interesting, how they look like…maybe i create some of them - if i have time, the old matter, u know…:-)) Perhaps u will see an Y’rr in front of the composition (like a traditional movie poster) - Y’rr are humanoid…

@terraarc: Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,man…:-)))))))))))))))))))))

@:overcontrast: thank u for stopping by… hope u’ll like the updates…:slight_smile:

@rattlesnake: Thanx a lot, Jorge for your nice words…yes , a litte bit raytracing for the refraction, but it takes not much time as it seems…I pray to the god of computers to finish my renders this time…keep your fingers crossed for me:-)))

@AirbORn: Thank u - yes, later on u’ll see the scale of all objects…My way is to model and finish first the single parts of the composition (my poly counts will be too much so i can’t render them together) , then i’ll arrange them for the final…

Best wishes and have fun today:beer: :wavey:


some wicked idea + style there!
i just dont like colors they are to bright for me :(… but it is just me :slight_smile:


This is some amazing work. No crits from me. just wanted to clamp the thread, and watch your progress. Keep going. :thumbsup:


Man thats great :applause:

And thats will be fun to see how the hunmanoid Car’lumen Chars looks… I hope you`ll have the time to show one of them… I have the same problem in my challenge :argh: time, time, time… :banghead:

Keep the great art :thumbsup:



2 thumbs up, it’s looking really great. I think your entry is the only one to have organic fighters… very unique man!

gogo… support all the way…


Thats wicked man! Keep doing this great job!


hi Sascha…
man… thats absolutely fantastic!!! with this lighting scheme the whole look of your objects is perfect i think!!! great mate!! really great stuff!!! your shaders look very realistic and very fantastic at the same time… great! :thumbsup:
how long it takes to render?
untill later and cheers :beer:


Great what you’re doing here. I love the modeling and the incandescent look you have going.

I think there are parts that can’t decide if they want to glow or not and could go more toward one extreme. It might be nice to see a lot of black shading in the lower body, or if you go the other way, a lot of white glows. More contrast is what I gess I’m trying to say.

Your work reminded me of the thread I saw a while back. I’m not trying to compare your work, or say you should do this type of thing, I just thought you would appreciate this:

Rock on. I love what you have done so far.



Here is another part of the Car’lumen Space Defence Systems: a corvette - small and fast, made for kamikaze-attacks…a living jellyfish-bomb without fear…


…another views from the sweetie of the Car’lumen…


…ok - I think thats all for the Car’lumen - here is a comparison of the scales…next step will be the warships of the Y’rr…

Hope u like the defences of the Car’lumen…C+C are appreciated…:slight_smile:
Thanks for watching…:-)))))


Looking awsome!:thumbsup:
The texturing looks great! Really organic both models and textures.
A humble suggestion: Wouldn’t be nice to put some kind of threat color inside the small kamikaze’s unit head, just to decrare a “kapow” or a “boom”, or maybe a “WATCH OUT I’M COMING!” ?

Waiting for Y’rr!



Hi Saschi,

Simply amazing job…all i can do just wish you the best. This organic shape is a piece of art.

Textures also lookin awesome. DO IT MAN!

I will keep an eye on this,



It’s very important to see the scale difference… it’s better to understand… better to appreciate your concept… and your fertil imagination :thumbsup:


the fleet is looking amazing mate!..i never imagine this concept for the challenge and thats what make it extraordinary…very origianl and youre doing it just great…i cant wait for looking your final pic…but i dont want too miss your updates…so i better keep enjoying the show!!