Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


ja der shader ist verdammt geil und vor allem glaubhaft, aber was mich stoert - wahrscheinl. liegt es nur an der perspektive - dass diese antriebswurzeln so komisch, abgeknickt abstehen oder sind die schwenkbar?

great stuff.


I am liking this design. :slight_smile: Great job!

Very unique, very proportionate to all it’s components, and looks cool too! Looking forward to more!


@take²: Gracias:) Die Triebwerke sind schwenkbar bzw. haben sie die Funktion den Kurs zu bestimmen…aber hast recht: blöde Perspektive. Da werde ich später d’rauf achten:thumbsup: Danke Dir…Manchmal schaut man echt zu lang auf was, und sieht solche Fehler nicht mehr,buuuääähh…

@AirbORn: Thanx a lot for your kind and sweet words. Hope u like it continuesely:D



:deal: I have small amusing lesson on texturing for you - I has developed it recently.
When you have free time you can simply knock on a surface of various subjects (wall, wooden chair, the glasswares etc.) .The sound will give you an idea with what there should be a surface of your objects from which of materials it is possible them make. You must feel the surface and talk with it :)If it will help please let me know!


Sascha, the adjustments to the shield portion really help unify the image – excellent job! And many thanks for posting such an informative, and beautifully presented, series of wireframes. I gather you’re using mental ray for the rendering, so I quite sympathize with the slow render times on diffraction. :slight_smile: I’d planned to have some significant updates on my own thread, but the test renders utilizing different glass shaders have been sloooooooow. Best of luck on the Car’lumen spacestation – I cringe when I think about the render times for that!


WOW WOW WOW thats awesome! The shader looks super hyper great lol! I totaly love it! I believe we all love the shader! Modeling is great too!


Of the various attempts of other challengers, yours is THE serious contendor for mecho-orgainc design. I appreciate the contrast from the more harsh mech-organic work of Giger, and the soft translucent style you are implementing. You could in fact even go so far as to say that your creations do not appear very threating, though as strange as they may be. In fact I would say that these “organisims” are not alive. The low saturation of the colors reminds me of how insects are preserved in muesums, and in particular moths. Your images have that look of
“once” live now relics floating listlesslly in space. In a very obsture refrance, they look like the old dead metorids from the game Super Metriod for the SNES.

I enjoy your work. Keep it up.
Buena suerte amigo.


great idea centavrus, i`ve never thought about it but you are totaly right, this helps a lot. thanx ^^


Simply amazing… Love the renders and the texture and the modeling ! For me it’s the best project of the contest ! Very original ! You had my vote !

Just one question, Which render do U use ?
Any scrennshot of your shaders ?


great [color=gray]great great great[size=2] great GREAT GREAT ART:thumbsup: [/color][/size]
post more updates


Been away for a few days,and coming back to this is a pleasure…sascha…I really like the look and feel,the execution is wonderful.I feel your piece has a strong ethereal mood,a cant explain technology,something that probably would be the case if we here on earth met up with beings from “Out” there…looking very nice,and surreal in ways,but beautiful in others,very nice sascha,keep it up,all the way,this will be a very fine creation/project…:arteest: :beer:


First I must say that I haven’t been reading your posts, I’ve simply been marveling at how good everything looks.

So, having said that I don’t know what your concept is but your renders are the best I’ve seen in the whole challenge so far.


here is my 1st wip of a Car’lumen Spacestation - what u can see is the main body only without different symbionts or other stuff a Car’lumen spacestation needs. oohh…it’s not really right with the word “station” - it should be more like a space fortress with really bad, evil weapons …
Next step is to build a lot of tentacles, weapon symbionts, organic missiles and so on…

Hope u like it and C+C is always appreciated. Thanx for watching…:-)))


hi Sascha…
about the model of the space station for me everything is clear… your unique style shows itself very well…
but i have to ask you - is this shading a final version? i think it somhow doesn’t look properly… space station looks like it’s frozen… should it look like frozen?


@centavrus: Extraordinary and outstanding idea, and… it really works with solid structures like wood and metal…it’s wondrous, but right:eek: Great, Gulchin - it truly helps:-)
Thank u very much for this trick and for your continuing kind words…we’ll see us in your thread again …:wink:

@nuclearman: Hey mate, thanks so much for your advice about the shader…:thumbsup: …i use finalrender, but the settings could work with MR too, cause I don’t use specific ones…
Best wishes back, dude for your rendering work…Thanx again for your words :-))

@Borro: Thank u very much for the compliments. I think my face is filled with red color now …:slight_smile:

@WazaR: Muchos gracias! How do Metriods look alike??? Are they as evil as my Car’luemn? ;-))) Hope they aren’t…thanks a lot for your words, man!!!

@gpepper: Wow, thanks for that statement, but I believe i’m a little light between absolut great artists… i’m only here to learn from other, and especially to have fun…
I use finalrender from CEBAS. A screenshot from the materialeditor will follow… but not tonight - i’m too tired now, pls excuse…

@SUN: thanks!thanks!thanks!thanks!thanks … a lot ;-))

@Virtuoso: Hey Michael, i’m really happy that u stopped by a little…thanx a lot for your great comments! I’m looking forward to see your new updates,always a pleasure to watch the work from a master of highpoly-modelling ! :-)))

@WyattHarris: Many thanks, Wyatt for your sweet words I really appreciate them…but I think u haven’t seen all the threads - there are so much better than mine…but I’m very happy that u like my stuff…:-))

@all: peace and have fun. thanx all for stopping by…:wavey:


@greentek: hi mate, thanks for your comment, especially the crit:thumbsup: The shading is similar to the destroyer, but my lights here are not right - it’s the 1st wip… But you’re really right -the shaders-appearing should be better… Thank you,Paul ! Stay tuned - maybe I can finish the fortress this weekend…puuuhhh:scream:

cya in your thread…have a good night…cheers:beer:


whaw… friend ! you don’t stop to work very hard… bad comments or crits are impossible for me… and for the moment… I’m drinking your beautifull pictures… it’s too much different that I have imagined of you before. Then… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: -> 5 thumbs… it’s the better thing to explain my feeling.

don’t stop… go go go… more pictures :love:


Man the space station looks great :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

One question, maybe I missed that, will you put “humanoid aliens” inside the space station? Will we can see one of them from close?


Space Station?



nothing to crit here!

Happy texture/modelling! :slight_smile:


hey looks nice man, keep it up man :thumbsup: