Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


Sascha, the organic modeling you’ve done is superb, and especially effective in the renders you posted of the interior of the Car’lumen. The only part I have any qualms with is the overwhelming and unbroken whiteness of the front part, which begs to have some translucent “bio-circuitry” or just some little detail added so it doesn’t jar with the complexity of the other organic components. But that, of course, is just a minor quibble; this is truly gorgeous work! Look forward to keeping a closer eye on your progress!


yeppy yep, more organic stuff , sweet ! :thumbsup:


Positively marvellous renders here! :bounce:


@pBarrelas: Thank u Paulo, for your ongoing support here:thumbsup:

@Gunilla:Thanx a lot, Gunilla. Glad that u like it :slight_smile:

@KennyM: Hahaha - wifes are doing always the same: they don’t understand us:twisted:
…and many thanx for such a compliment…but don’t u think it’s good to wake up with such ugly and evil species…jellyfish for breakfast…:wink:

@nuclearman: Yes, you’re right with that overwhelmig white:thumbsup:, this comes from the environment (gradient ramp) and some glows. Later on, the space should be slightly reflected. But i try to bring in some little organic touches. Thank u for your objection, mate and of course the sweet words…



@Squibbit: Many thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :slight_smile: :scream:

@JamesMK: thanks, man - be the jellyfish-god with u :eek:


Your renders are really cool ! Love the way your project goes !


Hi Sascha,

hui, looks really amazing! Doesn´t look like 3D.
Looks more like paited… Supernice :slight_smile:





…the requested wires…

Many thanx for replies. Chhheeeeerrrres :-))


…wiring around…


…now i’m wireless… for today :wink:


…here is the final weapon symbiont which is really a useful companion for the jellyfish warships…the symbiont gives ultraevil rayenergy into the brotherhood of extraterrestrial horror <-> the jellyfish warship take it to places no symbiont can imagine…ahh, btw the symbiont is an intelligent lifeform with natural targeting systems and integrated energy production units which are fed by the gravitational forcefields in the space…especially found at ship implosions…


…many thanx, Nuclearman, for your suggestion - hope it’s better now… :slight_smile:


Hey Sascha…what have u done man ? :love: :banghead: :love: …not only the approach is so unique…but also the modleing and that FREAKIN BUBBLE NUTS SHADERS…U better find a way to have one of these really close to camera in your final compo…amazing shaders… :bounce: …keep it up friend…maybe some shading networks for us if u find the time… :bounce:


Just one word -SUPER!:thumbsup:


wow Sascha…
great update with avatar!!!
nice to see you !!! :smiley:
cheers mate… :beer:


Looks absolutely fabulous! I’m sorry but I can’t come up with a single shred of crits really… fantastic work really.


Really unique, I’m always filled with wonder…
Your new avatar is very…

…rose :thumbsup:


Man this Car’lumen ship-mbiosis looks absolutely organic and fabulous! :bounce:

Keep us updated!


(I hope I didn’t miss the main thread action so far! I’ll be watching over here)


@gpepper: Thanks a lot, mate!..

@CybapunC: Hi Josh, muchos gracias:) whats goiing on with your troopers? I’ll visit your cool thread asap…

@Dimi:Oh man, i hate these shaders - they took so much time to render …f"§$$§% refractions… thanxx a lot for your sweet words, friend - a word to these f§$%§$% shaders: after the contest I have to build up my website where all can download the mats, maybe with some descriptions…nut, but only the best regards to u:beer:

@centavrus: Thanx a lot, Gulchin:)

@greentek: hehe, i only want to show my brown face color after holiday…thanx mate :slight_smile:

@JamesMK: Hey mate, I’m sure u find a lot if u are willing to search, so pls don’t search ! :wink: Many thanx, James!

@Lemog: Merci beaucoup, my friend!

Your new avatar is very…

i knew u like that, lolo…;-)))))))))))))

@terraarc: I’m really happy that u like it, thank u…!!!

Ok, next step is a spacestation for the Car’lumen Defencesystem…
once again thanx all for your support…
peace to all!