Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


hi Sascha…
yesterday i posted wires of my mushroom-like ‘Hellbringer’ ship… please, take a look at it and tell me if it’s very similar to your ships… if it is i make some other model… i’m serious… :slight_smile:
thanks in advance and cheers…


cool:scream: i wish you do your best to the end Sascha!


Verry cool :thumbsup: your bio design is taking shape. Great work, keep it up :bounce:


Hi friends, i think the modelling is near the finsihing line :slight_smile: Hope someone like this style. Above u see a view from the inside of a Car\'lumen destroyer. there u can see some veins and synapsis from the living spaceship. The textures and the shaders aren\'t fix yet, maybe i change them after positioning them in the main composition in a future far away ;-))


…another view from the inside…


…now a view from behind…yes - the arse ;-))


…from the side…


…more detailed view…


Here we go: the last one :-)))
The overall-style is a little bit different - hope u like it… Comments and Critics are as always appreciated :slight_smile:
Have a good night.


WOW love the new stuff, so mysterious and fantasy…Keep up the great work:applause:

My CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera - 3D Thread


Hello Saschi.
Nice work of yours there :slight_smile: As you said, it diferent from everyone else, but i like it, its abstracks but at the same moment, really concentrated, thumbs up!
Good luck in the final! :thumbsup:


wow… very nice Sascha! very, very nice! wow…
looks simply wonderful! :thumbsup: great stuff mate!
keep it up and cheers… :beer:


its really great and individual stuff you present here. but do yourself and us a favour and go on working on it! pls dont let yor mf end happen again!

puh, habs mal auf englisch versucht, gar net so einfach ^^ lass es weiter so krachen!


Your project is so wonderfull… most powerfull and most sensitive… I hope for you the best things my friend :thumbsup:


biologically stunning

how did u do the shader texture on the tentacles? it looks great


I’m thinking the shader has something to do with falloff right? It looks so complete right now, I doubt it’ll need any textures! Really.



Hi all, thanx again for your nice and sweet comments. I really appreciate that:buttrock:

@Vittorius,Kaksht,greentek,take²,Lemog: Thank u all very much. I’m really happy that u like the stuff. I’ve got some doubts about the style…now I can finish the Car’lumen this week. I will produce two ore three more different ships, maybe a spacestation…but the time, you know…hope i can make it… lifetime is running away…too fast…

@Versiden,keetmun: the tentacles are made with a kind of x-ray shader with some falloff experiments in it… Happily it’s working :-))
But the mainbody(the hull) is a mix material from a translucent shader combined with a bitmap made in PS. It took 2 days to get the desired look…for that i should use a cray:eek:


Let me tell you Sacha, that this is great work!! I really like it, keep on!!:thumbsup:


Wonderful work! I really like this one, the organic modeling and shading are super - very inspiring:thumbsup:


this organic spacey look is mindblowing, I want a big version of this over my bed on a poster :bounce:

the wifey would kill me, but I honestly do:scream: