Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


Thank u all for your nice comments! It’s so cool to get such support. Thanxx again.:beer:

The Car’lumen is the only precise thing I have in my mind, for the Y’rr I really don’t know about the style. I tend to the last one (far right) or the first…or the third…hhmmmm.
They aren’t really archaic and warlike. If someone has a good idea, let me know:applause:
I hope I can make a overall sketch of the scene this week, otherwise the coming weekend.
Description of the whole scene:

In the “front”-background you’ll see the open foldpoint (a terrific, huge wormhole), in front the Car’lumen vis-a-vis the Y’rr. In the far-background I will show some nebulae, gas clouds or other space stuff.

Btw: Is it allowed to do a composition like a film poster with a big charakter besides, ships, typo and the main scene mixed together?


I really like the concepts in your entry Sascha. The organic battleship called the carlumen rocks , he has wonderful colors and nice proportions .

Waiting for more , cheers


Jellyfish starship. That could be the name of a band from the 60’s :smiley: … I like this idea of yours a lot, and I have a feeling you can pull it off too, so by all means go for it!

About the movieposter thing - it sounds like a good idea, and although I don’t think it would exactly be against the rules, I’m sure that someone would suggest you don’t let any typo/logo stuff get in the way of the 3D imagery which is what we want to see. The rest of the composition idea, with a character sort of crossfaded, classical movieposter style… I don’t think they would mind. (this is only my personal reflection and is not intended to be an official interpretation of the rules in particular :slight_smile: )

[austrian accent] - Go, Sacha :wip: go now!


@adr: Thanks a lot, Adrian… Hope to make more stuff this week, to show concept things more clearly…

@JamesMK: Hahaha, and the yellyfish starband rocks with their first song “ringadingadingdong, we shot the other” :scream: duddel
About my poster question: Looking at some old StarWars Poster (empire strikes back etc), the epic feeling I got from is absolut amazing…Hmmm,ok, first I have to do my 3D works and so on.
If they’ll be finished, I try a rough composition like that. Then I’ll ask a moderator if it’s right or not…
My fallback is the pure 3D compo then…öööööhh if I will finish this time:D



damn, all you guys have such a good concepts… i definately suck!


Organic ship it’s a cool idea ! I had this idea but not the talent to sketch it and made it very well ! Keep it up !


…and here’s my overall concept sketch - sorry it’s absolutely rough, but actually my time’s to less for a better one :slight_smile: and hopefully it’s ok for some imagination…maybe it’s not final, just one way to go. If I’ve got some 3Ds, eventually I’m going to try another way :wink:


…here is a pic for the background. There u can see a wormhole, foldpoint, in the back. It is made from three particlesystems (PArray, Max6) with some MotionBLur. Some VideopostFX are done for the glows and electric ripples.
Rendered in layers and merged in Photoshop with adding some stars and the blue nebulae.
Next I have to model some 3Ds. Hope someone like the style. And as always suggestions and crits are very welcome :-))

Have fun and peace…!

Ohh btw, u can click the pic above to enlarge it :wink:


man this is going to be cool



That is a very cool looking color concept background , looking forward to the 3d elemtents
My space opera entry


Oh, cool start, Sacha!

I don’t know anything about the implied physics of wormholes, but based purely on visuals, I’d say the red parts look too opaque.

The scale of your planned stuff here will certainly make it the perfect backdrop for a massive jellyfish space opera :thumbsup: Hanging around for your next update!


Great to see more sascha…You have a vast canvas set up,and the organic foreground creations will look great in front of it…glad to see progres,and you have a wonderful plan,very in-depth and almost a universe in scale…I’ll be looking for more,until then all the best Sascha…:arteest:


Overall looks amazing. Only thing is it looks little flat, I mean try adding some layers of clouds or
do some lighting in such way so that your galaxy looks huge and deep.
Looks cool:thumbsup:


Whoa, your first batch of concept art is very interesting!


@JamesMK: It’s a pity that wormholes/foldpoints are really seldom to look at…;-))) thanx, mate, for your suggestion with the opaque thing - I’ve done this background as a testplatform for the coming 3Ds…maybe if it looks better,I will make them more transparent. The actual stage is only for previsualisation and meant as a help for my final composition. ääähhh I’m not really sure about this scene… It’s a little bit boring…:shrug:

@Virtuoso: Thanx a lot, friend, for your continual support:thumbsup:

@madshooter: Thank u very much for your crit, dude:-)My best friend told me the same as he looked at the pic… I will try to give it more depth, when I put some 3Ds in it…

@KOryH, mmoir, DigiLusionist: Thank u very much:beer:

Peace to all :-)))


Wow :eek: just found this thread… Great sketches:thumbsup: The wormhole looks already fantastic.
That will be cool to see the “bioship” in 3d :bounce:



really cool idea and a fantastic wormhole … just for curiosity (since I’m modelling my own black hole stuff), how do you render the lightnings? Are they 3d with some particles effects (as for the wormhole) or have they’ve been added in a 2D program? Thanks for the help and looking forward to see more images in your thread, really cool project …

Riccardo :slight_smile:


Looking good so far!! Keep on dude!!:thumbsup:


Hi Sascha,

looks really promising so far. Especially the wormhole looks
great! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Greetz Josh


…first try to model some Car’lumen stuff…äämmm sorry, mates, for posting always late. But I’ve only the weekend to do some stuff for…
The parts of the model were first made in 3DSMax (boxmodelling) and refined in ZBrush, then reimported to merge them together. I used displacement mapping.