Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


excellent man. Well done you made it!

a great final, you’ve brought awesome style and uniqueness to the table. Organics are cool


Now, that’s even better - really amazing… congrats again :applause: and yes, please, a wallpaper would be very nice :slight_smile:


Wow thats cool! I like the jelly fish ships :thumbsup: Awsome imagination you have there! good luck to you.



yap, it’s a kind of magic:thumbsup: I still look at it and still have this nice feeling of the spirit of the picture


I’m very happy about your nice words, mates:blush::blush::blush: …thanxx a lot for that and your ongoing support here. As i mentioned before it’s great for me to be a little part of this big community and u like my work…I’ve learned so much from u all watchin’ your entries an reading comments… now this challenge is over and i hope the next one is planned to meet u all again…

all the best to u outthere, wherever u come from.
Again a bigggggggg thanx to u all…
…and now time to relax and to drink some coffee; smoking some cigs and looking forward for the next challenge…:beer: :beer:

hust, to much cigarettes…:hmm: back to coffee …


Your idea are great and the creation fantastic :thumbsup:


Hi Saschi Seeee’vus!
Your work turned out fantastic! Simply Great! Best luck to u!


Sascha, can I get one to put above my bed now?:eek:

fabulous work, the contrast accentuates everything perfectly! as it should, cause it’s all to good to be left out of view.:thumbsup:

best of luck to you, and congratulations:buttrock:


@sun: Thank u very much for the compliments:blush: :slight_smile:

@the1st_angel: Wow, hi,my friend from ancient times…great that u stopped by in my lil’ thread…Glad to hear from u and to hear such nice things from the master of beauty:drool:
Hope u rock us again next time around this coffee party called cgtalk…:applause:

@KennyM: Sure, but do u want eye cancer?? Every morning u wake up? Man, u’re brave:D
Imho i saturated the colors too much - hhmmm too late for now…
Love the things u said, many thanx for that…:beer: wish u the same, your work’s truly fantastic…


Wow, that is amazingly beautiful. I mean the concept is bizarre in a great way. I love it. Fantastic work Sascha. You have had a great progress throught the challenge, seeing this final really shows off what you have accomplished. Great work man, I hope to see you here in the future with more sensational stuff.


Cool render : I like your imagination.
Maybe I would have desatured yellow… colors seem a bit flashy for me.
Anyway good luck ! :scream:


I am fan of your alien machines:thumbsup:


@||) |V| |^|:Thanx a lot, Richard, for your wonderful words :love: Puuh, that was hard for me to finish, 'cause my spare time tends still to zero, and it was always a night work…partially hardcore - but i’m happy to have finished now:scream: You entry is way-cool, too, man:thumbsup:

@Arctis: Yes, u’re right with the saturation - i mentioned that above. Now i would change it a bit, but too late…Many thanx for your comment. :applause:

@Alladin: Cool, i’m too:D …and stay tuned, i try to do more with them in another future work, maybe with some jelly-chars with jelly weapons…jelly all over:eek: :scream:


I always thought we thought alot alike…:slight_smile:

great finish from one of the best…You did it Sascha…And did it with style and class…:cool:

Congratulations on a great entry and on finishing this as you did.It turned out so cool and stylish.I know we will cross paths again,and it will be great when we do…Until then sascha all the very very best to you in al you do…See you and again… Excellent and sauve and stylish finished art…:buttrock: :arteest:


Congrats on a beautiful entry. Everything you’ve done for this has a very professional, polished, and fully developed feel to it, even your progress posts. Your final image is very beautiful and dramatic. Good Luck :thumbsup:


I agree with artemesia66, your image has a very professional look to it. The color choice and dynamics of the whole thing really make it a stunning work. I really like your designs as well. I always have been fond of the whole, space is like an ocean thing where ships look a lot like sea creatures.


I think that the final image improve without the soldiers and face.

The color and the details are very good:)

Good luck:thumbsup:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:

Greate work…


@Virtuoso: Hey Michael, I’m really blushed :blush:about your words, but i know i’m not in the top group - maybe average level, comparing to the works of yours, Dimis, Lemogs and so on…
hehe but thanx anyway, it’s a great honor to hear that…:beer: wish u the best, too, my friend…Let the vote-gods be with us all:scream:

@artemesia66: Many thanx, dude! I’m happy that u like my little work!

@Sharga: Thank u very much. Yes, for me, space and open water have some common elements…all is anyhow “fluid” imho…

@Maxter: Yep, it was really a good decision to remove the heads…the compo was too full and not in shape…thanx, man, for your nice comment:buttrock:

@theuni: Ooohh cool, thanx a lot…

Best wishes, friends, keep on flowin’ and have aöways fun…


Hello Saschi0815,

congratulations on your final image concerning the Space Opera Challenge.
I have been watching your thread continously from the first day on and i have
to say that you did a great job with all the lovely details you brought into your
final image. I wish you all the best for this challenge and I am sure that you
will be honorable mentioned in the end of this CG challenge season!!!

Good luck and i am looking forward to seeing you in the next challenge.
Do it the same way and be professional like you used to and you´ll get
my vote for sure the next time!