Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


I really like your jelly fish things. If you took away the stuff on the right side, you could use it for a great home page for your website, with title etc.

Very interesting look, and nice effects. The worm hole is very distracting but makes a nice focal point.


Just here as moral support Saacha…Your one hell of great guy…And a talented artist.Your work here has had a whole showcase of models and style,and all done in very nice fashion,and with style and flare…very nice.all the way.and the very best to you as you get the last bits of work in…Until next time,good luck and the best to you…:arteest: :arteest:


I agree with Virtuoso, you have a lot of talent :thumbsup:

One small crit: the exhaust of the ship on top-right is for me too small… maybe with a light halo it will be nice… and maybe not yellow but more white tones here… :curious:

For your choice of removing the faces of the aliens… maybe try to place them on the middle right… you have a nice empty space there… you can also try to make them 50% transparent and/or show only one edge/side…

Anyway your final result is greeeeeeat :bounce:


Impressive work and you last image is really stunning :applause: agree with a comment about some glow… good luck for the final run Saschi :thumbsup:



Really cool job !
Is it possible to have a bigger image ? It should be cool in wallpaper !
Great job Sascha !


This is only my final compo sketch…tomorrow evening I will start on the real final…but it should look like the same, hmm!

You confused me with this Sascha - or else I would have congratulated you much sooner!

If this really is you final - well done! :thumbsup: Definitely among my top ten too :wink:

See you around Sascha, it’s been great meeting you here - good luck for the final voting!


Hi there, sorry for always being late with my replies…:blush:

First of all: thanxx a lot for all your nice comments, suggestions and support u gave me.
I’m very happy to be a part of such a great community:bowdown:
Hope to meet u all in future challenges or maybe in other places…Let’s rock, friends!
A big cheers to all outhere!

neble: Haha, yes, cool idea, but i think it’s too heavy for my style… i favour the more “less” style…thanx, man for stopping by…

Virtuoso: As i mentioned earlier in your thread, I’m really thankful for your great support u gave me and other in these CGTalk challenges. Michael, u’re really a very nice person and a great supporter. Thanxx a lot for this and your constructive critics and suggestions. and thanx for your awesome entry, my friend, i have learned so much things and this is the most important thing in these contests for me:bowdown:…
best wishes, mate - do it well like u’ve alwys done…

Nomad:Many thanx, mate for your compliments and suggestions…I tried that, but all my friends told me it’s too much in the scene, so i removed him finally. I changed some things for the final, I’ve uploaded yesterday night. …Tonight i will upload the smaller version in the thread to watch it here, too;-) Best luck to u, dude.

jddog: Thank u very much! Wish u the same- your entry is fabolous, dude!

gpepper: Thanx a lot…äääh don’t know how to upload an image wider than 1200px…???
so if u can tell me that i will make a wallpaper:D

gunilla: yes, u’re gunilla…aahmm i’ve uploaded the final sunday night without showing it here…big oooops:blush: i made some chages in the compo, and i have rerendered the elements for best quality…tonight i’m going to upload it… Many thanx, Gunilla for your interest in my work, and all the support u’ve done…best wishes, my friend!

ok, so now the contest is over, and i’m a little bit sad…:cry:…but i think the next challenge is on start soon:bounce: hope the theme will be great…

so long, best wishes and certainly have fun…


thanks Saschi you make me :blush:


gunilla: yes, u’re gunilla…aahmm
:scream: Funny! Sometimes it shows we’re not “speaking” our native languages … But one of the wonderful things with this place is that everyone tries the best he ( or she :wink: can…

Have continually fun! … it does feel a bit like graduation day, doesn’t it? :beer:


@Gunilla: Hihihi, ooopppsiiiooops, hope u know that u are Gunilla…:thumbsup: some kind of shizophrenic here…sorry for his and her äääh my fault…:eek: English is sometimes difficult especially u forgot words…the word which isn’t there is: …right…

I’m a simple mind…äääh what???:rolleyes: :scream:


Totally cool final, Sacha (even if you do make minor tweaks before the deadline)

Like it a lot. It has heaps of colourful drama and a sense of cosmic action…
An official :applause: is in order!


Magical …:thumbsup::):thumbsup:


ok, here’s the final one which I’ve uploaded last night… hope u like it…now it’s too late to change :wink:

best regards+have fun, friends


Thanx James, for the official applause…:scream: :thumbsup: …it’s a very colorful pic, hope your eyes are ok after watchin’… :wink:

Siegfried and Roy … no, they are really better, but anyway thanx a lot Dimi, for your nice spell…äähh comment;)

I’m blushed:blush:



Sascha I love your final image :love: :love: :love:

You get a really great final effect :thumbsup:

I wish you the best luck for the final :bounce:



very good work my friend…you know your models just rock…and your final compo turned out exelent…im happy u finished this one with this great success…ill cya around soon man! …ill keep looking for your art!


Sascha great work mate! :thumbsup: Some grea elements put together here, your final really has the epic scale and vastness of something coming!!

Wishing the best on your entry mate! :slight_smile:


It’s F A N T A S T I C Sascha… near of the perfection… thanks to the originality :thumbsup:

Do you think if it’s possible to have the same in 1600 of large… for my new wallpaper :blush: ?

:beer: Then… good luck for the results… :applause:


That’s what I said ! I want it ! please Sascha !


This is truly a beautiful render. Great composition, too.

Best of luck to you in the final judging.