Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


…uff, another (hopefully better) wormhole… Actually I’m rendering the single elements (ships, station etc.) in their endresolution for the final compo…still have to make a “sketch”-compo with the final elements… much to do, so i hurry back to lab
;-))…have fun, friends…


…ooops, soory ,haven’t read the comments…thanks a lot, friends for your ongoing support:thumbsup:

…and many thanxx for the suggestions + critics … i think i will make a landscape…
maybe the head (and helmet) won’t be seen in the final, with the types i don’t know yet…perhaps with letters, maybe without…too much decisions ;-))))

Just try to do my best to be a part inside these great artists community…:bounce: :scream:

Again, thanxx to all, wish u luck, too…and especially: have fun!!!


your wormhole looks so cool!!. no crits…
keep going… finish line is near…


Wow :eek: Sascha this wormhole is absolutely great :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I did not wisited your thread for a while… the final composition is great, maybe too monochromatic but this new wormhole will probably be a big add to that.

The wide screen/landscape composition looks in my opinion much better… the elements fits better in it and some “empty space” in it works good…

I wish you a great finish with your final composition :bounce:


Your post production is very good, i like it more then the 3d work.


Hi all, above u see my start on the final compo with the final renders of the Car’lumen warships… This night, the Y’rr will be rendered out, so i hope to integrate them tomorrow evening ;-)…I’m a little afraid of it, 'cause i think it could be to “overwhelmed” with elements, so maybe the final pic could be different from my first thoughts…hmmm, don’t know yet…C+C are welcome as always, so don’t be shy ;-)))
Many thanx for all the replies, they are really appreciated :-))

Peace+have fun


Excellent work man. That looks amazingly cool and unique. I think you did a wonderful job on it and look forward to seeing it finished. Keep it up Sascha!


The wormhole rocks man! :thumbsup:

The last image looks splendid!

Keep them coming…:bounce::bounce:


Great work! I like the contrast here. Only work a bit on the wormhole. It looks good, but I have an impression that it’s too flat and not dynamic. Maybe the outer part makes that. It’s too static in comparsion with the inner part. Maybe try to emhasize the the effect of the outer part being sucked or pulled inside. But nice piece of at tho. Waiting for your next move;)


Yup friend it’s all good. Composition’s definitely improved I feel. Looking really kickass now. oh and btw Gunilla’s a female! :scream: Just thought you should know!

Cheers to the great work!


:love: :love: :love: …from Day 1 i loved your style…u and Empy and Claudio_Jordao (i think that’s his nickname) …have the most unique and special approaches to the GSO theme…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Keep on it man…6 days more…


@||) |V| |^|, terraarc, arturro, keetmun, DimitrisLiatsos:

Thanx friends for your nice cooments…always happy to hear from u. hope u like the final compo, too…arrggh, veryyy difficulltttttttt to make sth unique between all the awesome entries… :scream:

@arturro: Hmmm, after my final compo, i could try to bring in more dynamic into the outer areas of the wormhole…but this could be only a 2d effevt in PS, 'cause the particle system costs too much rendertime (ca. 3hours only for the shere particles with some motionblur).
Anyway, thanx, mate for your suggestion:thumbsup:

@keetmun: äääh i knew that gunilla is a female, have i ever transformed her to a male with words? so pls. take a big ooops and my excuse…thanx, wong for your hint :smiley:

Now, back in the agency I have to do the daywork…buuäähhhh;-)) Vacation is over…

Wish all a nice day, week, month, year, decade,…:-))


Don’t worry - your entry have been unique from start :slight_smile: This last comp sketch looks great - I’m so happy to see those lovely jellyfish more in focus - IMO they are the strongest of your models.

lol! I’m not so easily transformed … or offended, No probs, dude! :smiley:

Good luck for your final - I wont be surprised to see you somewhere in the topline :thumbsup:


Hi Sascha…Your latest compo has turned out real well…The scope and scale are there and the individual models show up well as one unit within the scope of things…Lots of very nice individual modeling.Really a nice style from organics to traditional…i know you have been extra busy (have’nt we all;) ) but the extra hard work has payed off,and you have some more work to be proud of.Really nice effort,and the results followed it well…See you soon,and best of luck.very nice entry for sure…:arteest: :beer:


Hi friends of finals, here’s mine ahhh i believe it is. What do u think?
Added the final renders of the Y’rr, some typo,a bit of noise over the whole to make it more cinematic, some color tweaks and a border for holding all together…I’ve decided to abandon the warlord and the soldiers - think there was too much on the pic…now it’s better imho…This is only my final compo sketch…tomorrow evening I will start on the real final…but it should look like the same, hmm!

uff,can’t believe it’s almost done…anyhow I’m a little sad…and happy ;-))

peace to all


hey mate …this is looking truly good!..this compo is great!
the organic shapes are cool…maybe i just cant suggest a brighter look to the organic ships…like a glow…but is not necessary…just a little idea…

but a gret work here!!:bounce:


Yes, yeah, oh yeah !

Really love that one ! compostion is good and really dynamic ! In my opinion, spaceship don’t receive the light from the explosion enough…
keep it good ! It should be really cool !


Great work Sascha!! :bounce: The image is quite awsome right now…some final touches in post effect might make it even prettier…but not sure…:slight_smile:

Man you did it!! :bounce:


Yeah… that’s better at 100% that the previous composition… and I agree with Gpepper for the enlightened ship by explosion… and after that… let’s go man… :thumbsup:


Thanx for your nice comments, friends…:applause: give me last push to finish this time :wink:

Yes, thats right with the light reflecting on the Y’rr spaceship…i will fix it in the final one… Thanx a lot…haven’t seen the forest because of too much trees:beer: