Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


many thanx for all your nice comments…and now lets go party:scream: …


I’m really happy taking part in this great community… Thanx a lot, my friends!


Great Hell Moot :scream: I like the blood on the side… that will do more real… :thumbsup:



HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U BUDDY… WISH U ALL THE BEST, HOPE U ACCOMPLISH WHAT U WANT TO… and btw gr8 works u got there… i’ve been bz so cudnt come to c the updates, but seems u got a long way in this tym… keep it up man



the helmet looks awesome… I like the textures and the hair tassle on top… very cool… great work as always - waiting for more.


hey friend…first: Happy new year to you !!:beer:have the best year ever!

and ok now : i really like the helmet…it fits with your character really well…about the eyes i like them…but if u want to change tham they can look also cool if they were like black marbel spheres…or silver spheres very replective…or yes albine type that u said sound also interesting…i think these can give more realistic touch…or maybe u can make the glow look deep inside the eyes…like a radial gradient from black to red …
ok is just a taste matter…cos it doesnt look bad anyway …

keep rocking all 2005 too friend!..ill b looking for your entrys!



[/b][size=2]Wishing the best on your efforts (not only for this contest…) on the year 2005!!:thumbsup:

Back to grande:
The Y’rr helmet is very epic I might say…I dig…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Best wishes from me to you for the NEW YEAR!


Hey Sascha! Just dropped by to thank you and wish you a great new year mate!

Btw, love the beligerant look on your Warlord’s helmet… very Wagner like!!! I can already hear the music :thumbsup:


…1st of all: thanx a lot for your wishes and compliments…i’m really happy ! BTW. pls. think of the victims of the asian tsunami desaster… they need our help! Here is link to the german site of care: for the german speaking people here…

hhmm, it’s hard to go back to bussiness but …

above u see a first composition for the poster…still don’t know if it’s right considering to the rules - or not(???) . I’ve posted this question in the faq section, but still waitnig for reply…so i continue following my path… Again, it’s only a compo wip, i will rerender all parts for suiting best in the compo like different angles, different soldiers, another wormhole etc…if i can do that for the final ;-)))

Have fun, friends…äähh and c+c are really welcome. It’s very interesting for me if u like that kind of presentation …or not! :-))))


@rattlesnake: …many thanx, mate for your thoughts about the eyes… I will try the black and silver version for sure:thumbsup: Silver is reallllllyyyy coool, my friend! U’ll see it in the next few updates!

Have a nice day, dude:beer: :wavey:


Nah i wouldn’t worry about the rules. Right now i don’t think you’re breaking any of them anyway! Poster looks really nice for a first draft.

Font looks really cool I think…maybe you could play around more with the layout with the rest of the elements…right now everything looks a little too messy… Oh I might move the head into the bg a bit, but just a suggestion…

In any case if this were a movie i’ll definitely go watch it!
:thumbsup: :buttrock:


A poster! … cool, didn’t realise that was the plan and have been really curious. I think it’s a great idea for all your stunning elements. First comp looks good - and I wouldn’t worry to much about the rules, there’s nothing against this as far as I can understand. Great work - and good luck with completion :thumbsup:


…another wip…pls. notice that the elements in these draft compos are not final. they will be re-rendered for better fitting and certainly quality ;-))

Hope someone like that styles…:slight_smile:
C+C are really welcome as always:-)


… next one…

peace to all + have fun!


@keetmun: thanx a lot, mate for your suggestions. hope now its better:)
Hmm, i saw another pic (2D contest) here with some kind of poster style…so maybe I’m on the right track…the main thing is that some people here like it - so thank u again, my friend:buttrock:

@gunilla: many thanx, dude, for your kind words. I’m really happy that u like it:wavey: and about your visits here…


hey mate every thing is looking nice together!..

maybe u can also try to make the face a bit transparent…not sure that it will look better that way…is just an idea…but for sure all is looking nice…


For the moment… it’s the one in landscape the better… why ? I don’t really know… but It’s my first vision… the one which immediately impressed me…

And if you prefer the other format, my prefered was the first… for the second, I think the head take too much place compared to the other elements…


Oh yes…I agree with the nut…nut…nut…nut…:wink: …sascha where will this be playing,a nice movie poster,shows alot of things I would like to see in a movie.:arteest:

Lots of nice elements,a good variety and all interesting.A really nice job as I expected from you.Your doing a wonderful job here.I also agree with our French friend lemog that possibly you could reduce the head size somewhat,it seems to take over the rest a bit too much.But other than that it all fits and works quite well…Ok till next time,work hard,and work well as you have been doing…:arteest: :arteest:


…the head with red eyes is not in the same style of the rest of the image!
Helmets seems more adapted!
If you take the choice of a poster, police’s letters must be more designed!
Bonne chance!


hi Sascha,

i think i see one of these style over at the 2d challenge. anyway, very beautiful art work! keep going. time is near to the end! wish you luck!