Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


good texturing skills ! and cool glow eyes :wink: good luck I support your entry cya


…puuh after the whole x-mas-meetings with mum and dad i have a little spare time to tweak my Y’rr model…hope all of u enjoyed this christmas and had/have a good time:)

First of all: thanx a lot, Rui, Laurent, Michael and Divaise for your comments, critics and suggestions…:bowdown:
Concerning to your advices for modelling: yes - u’re right with that…templates are the way to do things more realstic. but as Michael stated, who knows anything about the Y’rr and their anatomy…hehe … so I have a great excuse for the mistakes I made:twisted: …just kidding :wink:
Later on with some lights and atmo the bad things won’t be seen, especially when the hair is in place… and I’m a little in hurry…don’t know anything about hair creation in Max… imho the ears are the most bad thing here, aren’t they?

Anyhow, thanx again for your advices and suggestions - in these CGTalk Contests and with all these great threads in here i learn more than in school…so pls. continue your c+c’s!

have fun and peace to all


…hi again… here is a version of the head with some small modifícations on the bump…


…and here is my first pic of the hairs… concerning to my everlasting time problem i’m satisfied with this… hey- it was my first hair-creation…:slight_smile:
I would be very happy if someone can give me tips to do the hairy things better…
have a nice evening ahh morning ;-))


Sascha, I totally lost track of the time and in rushing to get my stuff done, I haven’t visited your thread in a while :blush: I must say incredible progress you made, love the model, impressive texture work and awesome hair :twisted:

your final piece is going to be a beauty:thumbsup:


u really take care of yr milestones!


Hi again,

looks real great your hair ehhh I mean the hair of your model :love: Reminds me a bit of a shaved wolfen man out of x-men :slight_smile: But looks really great man… let it come!


Your hair addition looks great, especially for your 1st. Takes alot of process for me when it comes to hair, but you did a great addition to your figure. :slight_smile:


hey friend…your texturing looks very nice…very great details!..i was wondering about the eyes…are the going to be just a glow?..
he looks evil and thats nice…:thumbsup:


hi all,

many, many thanxx for your replies. I’m really happy that someone likes my style:)
…and again, friends, pls. excuse that i didn’t visit your threads - my time’s to less…hope my spare time grows in the next days, so I will look for your latest works… can’t await to see what u do…:bounce:

@rattlesnake: hi Jorge, nice to hear from you and thanks for stopping by:) …hmm another friend asked me about the eyes… i wanted to show only the red glows- looks really evil imho! But maybe, I try another idea like an albino style or so…hmmm…don’t know yet…what do u think?


hi again, back to show u a little step forward to the final piece…here is the first wip of a helmet the Y’rr warrior wear. In the final composition i wanna show some of the warriors in the background…

The helmet needs a texture for diffuse and bump. Maybe tomorrow …(?) :-))Hope someone like it…
C+C+suggestions are as always really appreciated :-)))

Have fun


Helmet looks great, got some very nice texturing going on. The hair looks really good, but I worry if it will slow down your computer somewhat… Seems like you’re using a very good hair system here.



perfect texturing:thumbsup: mybe some dirt


Haaaaaaa… very impressive helmet :thumbsup: … I’m sure the guy like it… maybe for the moment it was a bit to clear, no ?..
go Sascha :bounce:


Hey Sascha! Glad to see you back on track and with such cool updates :thumbsup:

I’ve lost track of how you plan the final comp to be… you haven’t skipped the geourgeous jellifish, have you? Will it and the floating city be in the background?

Keep it up - there is still some time … and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Cool helmut,cool everything.You got it going really fine…Now take a small break my hard working friend…and…A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to your and you loved ones…All the best to you…:beer: :beer:


Helmut Cool… mouahahahahahahahahah… put your helmut on your head and go away to see if it’s better cool… really good joke Michael :thumbsup:


hi Sascha,

Eeek that’s scary but cool character, and nice face bumps. Keep up! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Great helmet Sasha :thumbsup:

I wish you a Happy New Year !!


Hi friends,

here is my textured helmut ;-))) (…kohl??)…with an Y\'rr under it…