Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Sascha Michael Maerz


Hi … actually i’ve got some private trouble, so this is the reason why i didn’t post any progress last time… pls excuse the absence of little details ( i normally love) - my goal is to finish the contest at least…sad to say I can’t “produce” enough spare time to do things better…anyway I try hard to not disappoint your eyes…
Here is my texture wip of the Y’rr warship…

…and merry christmas to all!!! :-))))

Best wishes to all…


oohh …and thanks a lot to all who give me their support :buttrock: :slight_smile: :scream:


That update looks really good, just as expected - glad to see you back on track and good luck with completion. We still got pleeenty of time, right? :thumbsup:


heya, been waiting for an update from you ;p

it looks great dude… texturing is looking really cool and very well done. I think the only thing it needs to complete it are little lights

keep up the great work, and I know you’ll finish…


HI Saschi0815,

sad to hear that you got personal problems… I hope that you`ll find enough time to finish what you have begon cause it really rocks!!! Your warship looks fantastic. Keep it up!


Thank u very much Gunilla, Versiden and theuni. Your words give me some extra portion of power to keep the work up:thumbsup: :slight_smile: …ufff, and yes, we have still plenty of time…;-)))

@Versiden: Yes, mate thats right. I will bring them in when i build up the particle systems around the warships (should look like some sort of fire). But this step comes firstly after modelling all the parts…Thanks, Martin for your suggestion:)
Next step is to do a concept sketch for the Y’rr,'cause I want to show at least one charakter in my compo… Hopefully I can start modelling it this weekend…

Peace to all. Have fun.


…and here it is: a seldom piece of a galactic race: a private sketch of an Y’rr warlord without any helmet. Usually they don’t show their face to their enemies; the only thing u see - before a firesword ends your life - are their red glowing eyes…


Hi Sascha…I knew Elvis was still alive…:wink: …Ok,actually,I like the style and look of this guy,really a cool look and interesting character…A bit elvis abit samuraii warrior,How can you go wrong with that combo…right?:cool:

…The architecture,the towers are nice and wil be a good contrast to the more organic work shown earlier…

…Just pace yourself,and do what you can,keep what is vital,the essential pieces,than with time permitting get those extras in…But I would say never compromise your work with quick rush jobs…In the long run for your portfolio it would be best to see this finished in the weeks after the challenge as best as you can get it,than some rushed and not as polished finished challenge entry…The results for the challenge will not be as good if it’s rushed anyways…I think you can get this done just as you planned,and done in top form still,and I will certanly root for you,but always go for it as best you can and dont allow time to spoil something with such great potential…

…Ok,heres to you getting this done on time and exactly as you have dreamed it up to be…I think you have some excellent work/art already,and hope to see more all the time…heres to you sascha…:arteest: :beer:


Nice to see you back man! Texturing looks quite promising…need some lights to show off better me thinks…:slight_smile:

Your Warlord concept has some comix-lines on it but surely looks dominant…waiting for the model…:wavey:


Hello Sacha, nice to see youre back, I hope youll can finish with a nice picture at the end :smiley:

The textures looks already exellent :thumbsup:


@Virtuoso: yep, you’re right, Michael - thanks for your advice - it keeps me back on track doing things not in hurry…and thank u for your compliments, they’re like candy - always on the run for them…:scream: …hehe… and Elvis? He lives. And he is an Y’rr. My storyline is not a fake - it’s true! …:rolleyes:

@terraarc + Nomad: Thanks a lot, mates, for your permanent support and visiting this lil’ thread…:beer:

…ääähhmm and a big sorry to all: My spare time tends to zero, and I’ve got to less time to visit your great threads…so pls excuse. In a near future I will visit them all - I’m looking forward to watch all the great progress you’ve done in the last few weeks…

Peace to all. Have fun.


…hi again, here is a first model of the Y’rr warlord with no texture, hairs and ears…they will be made eventually this week, but for sure next weekend (äähh maybe ;-))… It’s a rough model done with classic boxmodelling + sds.
Hope u like this beginning…

Peace to all


Nice progress Sascha! :slight_smile: The model looks fair to the concept, without hair of course! I think it’s strong point is the profil. Waiting for some more!


Yes, the profile in particular looks cool and stylized. :thumbsup:

You’ll want to tweak the lips a bit though - the corners seem to be protruding, and the upper edge of the upper lip is a bit to strong IMHO.


I’m so curious to see the next step of him… the entire design… and the look in accordance with your previous work… then… courage man :thumbsup: you already done an incredible work…


Hi Sascha…sorry for not posting so many days…but i was watchig friend and u are doing great job :thumbsup:.

Now if i may offer some help…

…also i think mouth could be a little smaller in horizontal…and the back angle of Jaws is going too…back…The angle should meet the vertical line coming out of where ears will be…also i think the Jaw line has big angle from horizontal…make a smaller angle there…Just my humble thoughts my friend although i am not an expert on this…keep going :bounce: :slight_smile:

EDIT… u can make the chin go up a little …the last angle i was refering will fix a lot i think :slight_smile:


…hi friends, thanxx a lot for your critics and suggestions (especially Dimi!) …hope now its better…got a little time over x-mas, so i finished modelling and began to texture him… hope u like his skin…next step is to create his hair …don’t know yet how to handle that, but…learning is my mission…:-)))

best to u,mates… have fun!


Hi there Sascha!

Nice progress on your warlord model, however, I think you can greatly improve it by using more anatomy references…

Some areas that need some work imho are the neck, jaw and cheeckbone, and the ears…

Adapting human anatomy to an imaginary humanoid character is probably the most important factor for credibility. Because we know our own bodies we tend to look for familiar elements in humanoids. After all, even if only on a subconscious level we are all anatomy experts, we are used to see it “live” every day!!!

Sometimes when we try recreating some features from our visual memory alone we get some results that are just a little bit off. But even then our eye perceives it as strange…the solution? Using references all the time!!! That’s what they’re there for! :slight_smile:

I use a lot of references from this site ( it has saved my life time and time again… )

Give it a try and tell me what you think…

Take care mate, and good luck :thumbsup:


mmmmmh… very good work Sasha… I agree with Rui… it’s the most important to have some good references… also it’s an humanoid… the spectator understand a picture with his references… well, result is awesome for me… the rest now my friend :bounce:


Hi Sascha…:wavey: …really nice to see you continue here.This guy will be a fine addition to your entry…To me the ear orbit could be more realsitic,more evident in the shot you have shown…But…This guy is not really fully human now is he…? So this being pretty much a “realsitic toon” a caricature of sorts this can be overlooked without problems…Who is to say exactly what this type beings features are…he is not a full human…so the freedom is there…

The cheekbones look great to me…very defined and they really give this guy alot of “Character”…He kind of looks like that “Olephant Rider” from the last LOTR movie"…do you recall him?..Angular and sharp…:arteest:

…All in all a very nice piece of work,and a great addition to your Organic creations…Your doing a very nice job here,and a nice unique touch is evident with all of your work here…Keep this up,really nice effort and results…:buttrock: