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Sascha Michael Maerz has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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ok, here’s the final one which I’ve uploaded last night… hope u like it…now it’s too late to change :wink:

Edit: Forgot the description…ooopps:D


The pic above describes the cometogether of two absolutely different species. one species called the Y’rr - warriors from nature, discovered foldpoints to another starsystems. One of them leads to the hegemony of a jellyfish like race called the Car’lumen…caused of their evolution history, they conquer the space only to his natural frontiers (but with knowing the foldpoint technology) and built strong defense systems around their foldpoints…
The moment the Y’rr intrudes the reach of power of the Car’lumen is a moment of surprise, a moment of thread - a moment of silence…the encounter of two of the most powerful species in the galaxy…

best regards+have fun, friends


Hey,hey hey…Let me be the first to welcome you Sascha,:thumbsup: :beer:

      Great to see you in.I expect to see more wonderful creations from you.This theme has "Limitless" spelled all over it. I'll be watching for your updates and I wish you all the best,have fun and may the [i][u]"High poly Gods"[/u][/i] be with you............:arteest:


Hey Michael - great to see u in. I’m very happy about your welcome:love:

… Congratulations for your award!:applause: Great to see that such artistic output has been appreciated by the jury…

Wish u all the best, and I’m very excited about your works.I know it will be hardcored stuff ;-))

May our renderslaves smoke…:twisted:


Sascha is here… good news :applause: it’s a great joy for me…

I’m waiting now you concept and story… an original one… like your MF entry… but this time… you must finish it :smiley:



Yeap. The french have some good points from time to time… I wisheth thou good luck(-eth)!


dude… great to see you here!

can’t wait to see your concepts…

(btw, did you ever finished your machine flesh?)


Hi Saschi0815, best of luck for this challenge.


puuuh, so less time for answering…big sorry, guys, for my late reply. The work u know:scream:

My girl’s out this weekend, so I have time to make concept and some sketches ,juhu:bounce:

@Lemog: Hi Laurent, I’m happy to hear from u. …and yes -hopefully i will finish this challenge this time - oh man, what a shame last challenge…What about your entry, my friend? Haven’t found it…Looking forward to see such eyecandy from u as in the last contest.
Hope u take part in this epic contest :beer:
@James: Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,man - I really neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it…
@Versiden: Great to see so many friends from the last time. …No I’ve never finished it,'cause all what I have tried to fix was going wrong… The only thing to solve the problem is to make all the textures new… and this means:time,time and time --oh i forgot time ;-)))
And to be honest: I want to to do some new, this is the reason to take part in this challenge…:-)… Hey, dude, I wish u good luck - now I will hurry to your thread…:-))
@madshooter:Thank u very much. I wish u all the best, too.

…and now - lets get drunken from this great theme…hicks :wink:


The latest contest… ? I think I do something too much special… and few persons like this picture… next time, I must be better :scream:

But for this one… Grand Space Opera… I can’t participate… infortunetly I will have no time before 2 months :sad:

Anyway… I follow the threads of my friends :thumbsup:


Yes, your style is special and unique:applause: …and you know there is no style all people like…I’m a fan of yours, you know. Mainly your love for details is absolutely fascinating - and it’s a pity, that u don’t take part in this actual contest. It would be an enrichment to see your visions about this theme…

…I’m very excited about your opinion about my concept which is coming between friday and sunday. Thank you for your support, my friend:thumbsup:


ok mate…im here to suscribe this awesome thread…and to wish u good luck…i know this is going to be a "hats off "art piece!

ill be waiting for your next steps into this:thumbsup:


Above you see some concepts for warships of the Y’rr. My favorite is the last:-) I think it looks more aggressive than the other…
…and here’s my storyline so far:

Work-Title “THROUGH”

In a future far away from ours, in a place unimaginable further than humans think, lies a planet
called Y’rra, embedded in a strange universe - the Tor’am’en Universe.
With a wild and hostile environment, the inhabitants have to fight for their life. From an early
age most of the species tried to use mechanical techniques to survive. Of all species, the planet
has begotten, only the martial Y’rr arrived the level of intelligence to explore the world and space
around them. Based on their hard life, their mentality is warlike and as soon as possible they began
to expand their territory. They’ve learned that physical strength can overwhelm menaces from other
species, so - after reaching the level of space technology - they built warships to ambush their
neighbours in their universe rubbing out rivalism. In a time span of 200 years, they rule the room between
their three giant-suns in their system in a range of 80 parsecs (260 lightyears).
The incredible distance was bridged over by a kind of wormhole technology which use so called foldpoints.
These foldpoints were created by magneticfields of a giant-star and can be used for travelling between them.
A disadvantage of this sort of wormholes is that they border the range of jumps between the magnetic
influences. The system in Tor’am’en is an isle system, no entrance from outer space and no exit.
Time goes by and many generations of the Y’rr were grown up and died in the natural circle of life.
Certainly a star has to subject itself the principles of nature. And then a supernova was born as the star
died. After the shock of destruction, the Y’rr looked for their foldpoints, the basement of their might.
Some points were destroyed, but there were some new, too…
The Y’rr scientist decided to send out an exploration fleet to discover the new points and whats behind.
Like their traditional method, certainly warships were sent out, not thinking about that aggression could be
a mistake.

The Car’lumen, a species arisen from intelligent jellyfish, dominated their room since immemorial times.
Their principles of surviving causes on adamant hardness. No mercy for other species, so their domain has no
other races left after their crusade. Because of the same physics the universe works, they know all about
their foldpoints. The difference between the Car’lumen and the Y’rr is that the Car’lumen don’t want to expand
more than they need. Based on their history and evolution, the security is the most important thing for them.
They built up their territory with defence systems and awful weapons. The technology of the Car’lumen is based
on organic principles like living spaceships and machines, cultivated only for specific purposes, without any use of
metal or other minerals humans need.

The moment, the Y’rr enter the hegemonia of the Car’lumen and their first contact is a moment of silence, a
moment of threat, a moment of fright…

This is the moment I want to show…


…and here is a layout for the Car’lumen warships, the organic war-space-machines.

C+C are very welcome :-))))
Have fun…:slight_smile:


@rattlesnake: Hi Jorge, great to “see” you here.Many thanks for coming by…:beer:

What about your thread here? Do u take part? Hope so:thumbsup:
…and I hope also not to disapoint your expectations…I will do my best:)


very original and nice idea…
and your sketch of Car’lumen Warship/Destroyer is great… excellent style and technique…
and good luck in challenge…


Oh lala…Nice storyline sascha…Organic vessels,very interesting.I think you are onto a special creation,and knowing your talent level your vision will come to be in 3D…You know I got a seat planted here right?:cool:

Now have fun,and create a wonderful Space opera,you sure have an excellent start.Cheers…:beer: :arteest:


Looks like a very promising start. I really like your Car’lumen warship. Makes me think of a jelly fish. Cant wait to see it in 3d!

Good luck to ya!


that is quite a storyline. What will a planet look like after its sun supernovas? Medium or well-done? Charred most likely! the jelly fish ship has great potential, could make for a spectacular image.

Keep up the great design and
thanks for your comments on my post too



moment of silence, a moment of threat, a moment of fright…, very nice way of presenting your concept. Concept art is looking cool. Man I love that organic warship.
Nice concept overall:thumbsup:


excellent sketches you have there, especially the car’lumen ship. I like the organic feel you’re going with… can’t wait to see the start to the modelling.