Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


Rudy, the smoothing he is referring to, is actually phong shading in C4D - that’s what is causing the misplaced ‘shadow’, and odd highlight at the end of the last model, and will stop you getting sharper edges where you might want them unless you do extrudes and extrude inners etc.
Select the phong tag next to the poly object, and in the attributes manager, lower the value (normally defaults at around 80% - try lowering it until you lose those artefacts - for this, I’d probably set it around 20-30%. :slight_smile:


Thanx for the tip Adam. :slight_smile:


Been having trouble with that myself when modelling my ship. I keep settling for a 30 degree phong restriction :stuck_out_tongue:

Must say again that I love your greebling there Rochr. Want to see more!!


Just a test render of the structures.



I would love to keep adding details to the scene, but i´ve come to the point where i have to split the scene to be able to render it, and i still have more stuff to add. :slight_smile:


Wow!! … absolutly amazing Rochr …


You’ve already got the sense of scale! Super. Will you be adding traffic?



that’s looking great. I can just picture what it will look like rendered. Nice work!


Real nice look,grand feel.Only wish you could give a bit more variance to the seperate towers and all.I think it would be better to have two unique towers different from ane another than clones of the same.Put more in two towers than just one with clones.I like the whole thing,it’s good work,just attempting to give some input.Carry on now.:thumbsup:


Looking very good indeed rochr!
i disagree on Franky;

The stations would be constructed in factory’s, so instead of making 6 difrrent onces, they just create the same. Seems logical to me (my appologies if iam incorrect, rochr)

keep up tha cool work



Great additions! Seeing them all together is impressive.

I, just MO of course, agree with Franky. It doesn’t matter what justification you might give (they’re made in factories etc), if they’re too similar the viewer’s eye will notice that no matter what. But up there I read “model test” and I have in mind what you usually do, so I don’t think this will be a problem. :slight_smile:




like i said

your making it hard for me to win something :slight_smile:

i think the walkway has shaped up waaaay beter now .
your keeping in the style all around atm wich is great !

about the towers . i think they should vary yes … but in texturing / lightning would be sufficient .

these node would have been constructed massivly i guess so there wont be any time to do “differences” main structure .
yet the inner working of it should be seperate …
each node would have his own functions i guess

i think uniformity would be the way to go on the main structure .
but adding “Specific” details to them would wrap it up a lot .

1.Docking bay / 2.passenger area / 3.power station etc

a set of Rings << . >> spacecraft at the dot :wink: | | | | placed along a certain distance, outerstrucures for the most here like a flight guidance system wich will automaticle take in known spacecraft

  1. this should be most texturing work there should be a significatly bigger amount of windows on this one :wink: since these would significatly improve the sense of scale even more

3.think of big reactors coming out of one of the stations

just some help once again
hope you will find it usefull :slight_smile:


Thanx for the input guys.

The arrays just might get some amount of variety with the texture work + some more details (lights and stuff), but i want them to be similar, to get a uniform look. The idea is that these cities are constructed at location, in space. Think of each group of arrays as one city, instead of 6 of them.

Still more to come. :slight_smile:


Heh. Stepping stones in space! :smiley:

Yeah, variety will be good.


OTST, such a distributed structure would be quite hard to maintain in space. There is a reason why space stations and stuff is symmetrical. Benzene rings, triangles, circles and similar come to mind.


The universe is full of discs.

But don’t mind, this is afteral a grand space opera, we need those plot-devices to get things going, as long plot-devices don’t become plot-killers it should be okee.

I wished i hadn’t wasted this day on playing with cube, :smiley:


Impressive details… really like the concept and how this looks out. Congrats !


Ojoj! Fantastic modeling! Den här blir spännande att följa - lycka till!


Tack så mycket. :slight_smile:


Back after a short break. Here´s a shot of the Cargo ship that will be heading towards the city.