Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Rudolf Herczog


Rudolf Herczog has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Lighting: Lighting

A small update, this time on the lighting.
Basically, i´ll have a few light sources for this one. One bright star way behind the structure, some gas clouds that adds the red, and a planet below.

Still more stuff to add. A few more array-groups, spread around the scene, as well as more ships.


Well, better late then never i guess. :slight_smile:

Decided to give this a try, even though it´s slightly different from how i´m used to work.
I never do sketches, but this is just an idea on what i have in mind.

Usually i work in Bryce, but for this challenge, i´ll be using Cinema4D instead.


looks really cool dude, looking forward to the first wips. knowing your work i’d say it’s going to turn out fantastic!


Very cool concept sketches. Good luck to ya Rochr. :thumbsup:


Cool sketch! i hope its gonna turn out good.



This is an interesting initial design sketch. I have seen your work before and I look forward to seeing your 3D work on this project.


Very cool, looking forward to your win, cause you know it’s true!


Have you been reading Blish? :slight_smile: Good looking.


Bookmark time, I want to keep an eye on this!


Cool, Rudolph!

I just wanted to see your entry… are those cities? Sort of starship-cities?

Gee… so cool to have you too :slight_smile:



Love the perspective already, can’t wait to see more. Good Luck Rudy!


Looks cool, give me more!!


Hello and welcome aboard. I was wondering what the theme of your piece was? Love to see more.


Thanx everyone.

Hey DC, that´s right. Those are gigantic cities. You know me and cities… :slight_smile:

The theme of the scene is: The New Empire

“It´s sometime around the year 5000 and earth is long dead. A total environmental collapse.
At the escape, mankind was scattered across the galaxy, in hope to find a new home.
Against all odds, a few ships finally dicovered a vast and almost virtually uninhabited region of space, the Auran Expanse, where they could find shelter from hostile alien races.
Eventually more would join them, and during the next thousands of years, those few scattered ships grew into a new empire, and mankinds second chance.”


Here´s a sketch of one of the ships that will be in the scene. A large cargo vessel. Still needs detail, but i usually come up with that, once i start modeling. :slight_smile:


beautiful story and very nice shape on that cargovessel.
book marked your thread :bounce:



hmm :slight_smile: G/l Rochr !

scetches are looking great
u going to model it with bryce / c4d again ?



I hope this time mankind doesn’t screw it up :sad:

Nice concept… and is some thing that doesn’t need shape (thanks for the post!)!:thumbsup:


Thanks again.

This time i wont be using Bryce, so models+rendering will be made in Cinema. Still learning it, so this will be some good exercize. :slight_smile:


i dont know bryce that we’ll and im not that fond of cinema 4d
but good luck too you once again
i’ve seen your work here and there … this is going to get tough for me :\