Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop


Virtuoso - Thanks Michael. All the best to you too and good luck in the judjing phase!
Climax - Thank you Omar, as you said, a lot of very good entries, and I honoured to be in such a companionship.
Maxter - Thank you very much Maxter. Im glad you like it. [B]||)|V||^|[/B] - He he Richard, Im glad your friends liked my entry. Regarding the GSO Theme Song, Richard Im VERY VERY HONOURED!! I thought that this way I can see better what you want to say in your working. And regarding the song itself, I liked it. Really. Among many others, I like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ELO, Vanghelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Isao Tomita, even Kraftwerk, and the list can go on, but in the same field (rock, progressive, electronic, and classical music too). So, you know, it was pretty simple to understand and like your song for GSO theme. Its already included in my mp3 list among the regular songs I listen when Im in front of my pc. And it fits well.:thumbsup: Once again, Thank you very much Richard. Im so so honoured. Take care my friend.
coremi - Thanks my friend. I`m glad you liked it. Thanks for passing by.


A very nice and colourful image goodluck :thumbsup:


Your work is really impressive - i like this red hole :thumbsup:


Hey Radu just dropping by to check your image out again… Very cool man. Some people in this contest truely do have great imaginations. :slight_smile:

Regarding the music. I myself, listen to all sortsa music. Aphex Twin, NIN, Enigma, KMFDM, Juno Reactor, TKK for the more “modern styles”, but I am also very influenced by Ravvi Shankar and Bobbie McFarin which are not necissarily popular but very very good stuff. I love music of quality in any genre I guess you could say. I think that those who put their all into something and really are in it for the love of their art, earn a place in my list as well. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate my creation, we will definantly have to collaborate some day near in the future.



I fossicked arround a bit and found your Image!

Wow… this is awesome!

I special like the material from the giant ships, looks very grand :thumbsup:

I whish u the best & good luck in the voting-stage!


great work! Radu! i really enjoy watching great cg artist of this challenge
hope to see you in the next challenge


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