Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Radu Octavian Pop


Hello Pro sorry about the delay in enter in your entrie man , i really like the concepts that you are done , the first updates in modeling are quite nice , i like the shape of the fighters and how you are using the lights in those .

keep the good work and i ll keep and eye in your project



hello PROctavian,

i like your concept, aliens emerging from wormhole to ravage local planet. it is quite epic in nature and am sure that you have a good idea of how you want to portray this. my initial feeling though is the stage you have reached in your thread is too ‘quick’. never mind how well you draw or not this is irrelevant. a sketch is a meant to be a ‘sketch’ - a working progress stage to help visualise what would be the best way to proceed in a given situation. I was a little put off by some peoples amazing concept sketches but still not put out enough to experiment myself. so what if they can draw better - we all have the same opportunity to work things through to the best of our abilities. :slight_smile: perhaps this is just personal to me because I havnt started to feel as though I have a composition ‘worthy’ of starting to biuld in 3d yet and am still experimenting, and everyone is different and there is is a lot of people who visualise and work out stuff in 3d only. but it this stage for me in your challenge idea it seems to rapid. just a minor point and not a big issue as you have mentioned you have done 20 revisions to work out the wing shape of your fighter. perhaps you have battled hard with your ideas for composition and your idea itself. personally at this stage I am more interested in looking at peoples working process than final polished 3d results (which imo is still a long way off still so there is no need to hurry) and would like to see a little more of work in progress and thought processes. in my mind an epic picture should not be effortless to create :). all the best nonetheless!


a nice sleek look to the ships, its rather appealing, great work on them :bounce:


adr - Hey Adrian, glad youre passing by. Hey, no delay at all. With so much work to do, with so many friens, with only 24 hours a day , man ... time is very very short. Im glad you liked my models. Still a lot to finish them. Thanks!!!

Tekano - Thanks for opinion Rob. Still its not the final concept sketch. That was just a rough sketch and a vague idea. More to follow. Im not a skilled drawer and thats not a problem foe me (It would haved been nice to would have better drawing skills). Considering the models, those are not final polished 3d results. I dont know yet how the final shape (and details) will look like. All the 20 revisions of the alien fighter were using the same bird wing shape, so more or less, are “almost” the same thing. It will be boring to update the same model with only a few defferences between the models. Yeah, in my mind too,an epic picture its not effortless to create, and I have a very long way ahead. Even I uploaded the concept sketch, I dont know yet where it leads.
Thanks for comment. I enjoyed it. Good luck you too!!!

Ddavis - Thanks Dustin!! Coming these words from a great modeler artist like you its complimentary. I didnt make any details yet. I`ll try not to overload the mesh and still to have a lot of details (tought job).

I want to THANK YOU EVERYBODY :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: for your opinions.
It`s great to have you looking to my work and receive your opinion.
Thank you!


I can merely echo what has been said about the sleekness factor - quite beautifully designed objects indeed. And the extreme drama in you introductory ‘trailer’ definitely gets full score from me :smiley:


Alien mothership-rough shape


Alien Universe-the other side of the Hole.
Comments are welcome!


Thanks James, I`m glad you liked it.


Nice work you’ve done already . Good concept . Looking forward to see how you extend it .
I don’t think you’re moving too quick since quality requires a lot of work

My thread :


Thanks Tavi.
I must say that Im not so happy with my first concept. The main idea will be the same but I dont like the composition in the first one.
Right now I`mm uploading another one.


I wasnt very happy with the first sketch and heres another one.
I think Ill change the format to portrait. I wasnt happy neither with the alien mothership ( I like the hornes shape idea), but considering the new concept sketch Im more interested into a shape that suggest speed. The wormhole will be deep, turbid with the alien universe and theit homebase planet to the other end of the hole. There will be two sister planets, one to the base and the other one, beyond the worm hole. Inside the wormhole, the ship will be composed only from motherships (its a huge fleet), and from the firsts motherships, inside the defenders universe, will emerge the alien fighters.
I don`t know yet what shape will have the defenders ships.
The aliens fleet is like a flood, disgorgeing into the defenders universe.


Very cool… for a weapon can I suggest a plasma ball generated with lightning between the wings Its just an effect that turns me to jelly :slight_smile:


wow man, the ships look great and im really liking that red concept. good luck.


I like this concept very much. And the gracefullness of the fighter is wonderful.

Hmmm… Evil aliens moving through wormhole to conquer a peaceful race. It would be interesting if, way back beyond the ships moving through the wormhole, we saw the marauding aliens home planet… the planet Earth. :slight_smile:

Great idea. Wish I’d thought of it.


Pharion - Cool. That`s a good idea. Thanks Stephen.

MrCrowpsey - Thanks Narek. The aliens are coming straight fron hell (he he,… red and black = fire and tar).

Viridian - Thanks Shane. Im glad you like it. Regarding the "marauding aliens home planet... beeing the planet Earth" now that is a very cool idea. Ill try that as a joke later. Who knows, probably it might be a cool image.

Thanks everybody for your input. Helps a lot. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


As I said before, at the other end of the wormhole will be the alien planet.
The big defference, vis a vis the previous concept sketch, is that the hole will have a eye shape.
As a matter of fact it will be an eye (a red injected reptilian eye), and the planet it will be the iris.
So, the aliens will emerge through the wormhole directly from the eye.
I like this idea, and this is my final concept idea (at least, I think so).
The defenders planet will have a strong defensive system (not seen yet in the final sketch).
Ill post another sketch when Ill know how the defenders system will look like.


hehe nice concept. I am still fighting with my concepts … argh …

how ever … not bad yet. now “just” turn it into 3d … :smiley:


Dude, i seriously love those ship designs - they sorta remind me of those martian floaters from War of the Worlds, but way way more menacing :stuck_out_tongue:

The overall concept is quite good - i like the way you plan on using a giant reptillian eye in the background, kinda gives a face to the evil :wink:


Nice work. The ships all seem to look like birds of prey. Very menacing. Reminds me of the Romulans.


cg:unlimited - Thanks Florian. It would be fantastic to “just” materialize the entire scene in a second. But I`ll lose the whole fun (and the pain too).
MickW - " kinda gives a face to the evil" - Nice words, you described exactly what I intend to suggest. Thanks Michael.
Gamoron - Yeah, the aliens attack exactly like birds of pray. No mercy, no prisoners. Thanks Todd.

I`m not satisfied about the defenders. I have to find an adversary on the same caliber.
Thanks again everybody for your kind words. Your support means a lot!! :thumbsup: