Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Péter, Kaiser


Péter, Kaiser has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Opening Ceremony of the Galactic History Museum

Final Image


Good luck.
Awaiting to see what you can bring on :wink:


On Solar Day 22, the biggest celebration of the known world began at the Moon. Exactly at 20:45, the Opening Ceremony signalled the start of the Galactic History Museum. 3 billion people inside the Opening Planet and billion times more across the galaxis globe watched the moment. Put together throughout one thousand centuries and a half, the History collections of over 3,000,000 planets present the development of the war, culture and art from the Stone Age to the present.


Four stages of modeling work, loft, lathe and other. The hardest part was to find an architectural style, for the concept.


For the lighting part I have used ambient only lights to fake indirect illumination, and a few IES light on the wall. I never use gray lights, so the color are always come from orange and blue (warm and cold)lights.


Jesszus Mária!

Befejeznéd légyszives?! Ez egy fantasztikusan megkomponált kép!


Work hard to modifiy a single character to make a crowd and one main figure. Digital clothing is a really hard stuff.


50 photoshop layers and rendering details. This is from the high resolution image for print.


Photoshop. Background is still missing. Go back to work…


Looks good… This is coming along very nice… Althou time is running out.
I was also very late with getting into the contest… therefore, Im looking forward to next one.
I really hope you will do well with this.

Best of luck.

EDIT: Btw, if I have not said it yet… Its a GRAND Perspective… Gives a definate feeling of beeing small.


Final image detail 1


Final image detail 2


Final image detail 3


It’s a beautifull rendering.:thumbsup: .


Final Image


Now, that’s what I call a Grand scene - outstanding job in such short time. Congrats!


Hey Peter,
You have a very great image,its a wonderfull imposing scene.Excellent job:thumbsup: . Something seems funny between the background and foreground, but maybe not ,I don’t know.

Anyways great job and good luck.


Remek ötlet nagyszerű megvalósítás!
Végre egy monumentális kép aminek a témája: Grand Space Opera és nem egy huszadrangú akciójelenet!
Sajnos van egy olyan érzésem, hogy a szavazatok száma arányosan fog nőni a képen látható tüzelő lézerfegyverek számával.


Grat Péter!

Az előtér zseniális, de miért, miért, miért kellett beletenni azokat a háttereket?!

  1. A perspektívát felborítja (mondjuk sejtem a magyarázatot)
    2 az előtér építményei belesüllyednek a háttérbe. Vagy 1 kis gégen az épületeknek…

Szavazat azért természetesen ment az említett fenntartásokkal… :wink:



I am happy that I was selected. But I have to say that there were so many great artists that couldn’t get the result they expected although they deserved it .Also it was so likely that those who got the award couldn’t be successful at all;I mean it is a matter of taste and other factors.Therefore,we shouldn’t take much pride in our acheivements nor be dissappointed with the result.See you all in other challenges and good luck!.