Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


Hey Omar…(taking breath…) OLE …OLE …OLE … :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: …congrats my friend… :bounce:


For me, now, it’s near to be perfect… just one thing… I see better the big ship a bit more in foreground… the frame cut not to much this ship… I prefer if we see 2/3 of it than 9.5/10… do you understand me ? I have some problems to explain exactly in english… :shrug:

Anyway… it’s yet a masterpiece… so beautiful and so fresh :thumbsup:


Hello my friend! my congrats! you made a nice picure. I think that Lemog may be right so if you have time you may do some tests. Also the maps could b emore bright and glowy(the one in the woman’s hands is not visible)


Congrats Omar!!! This is a great entry, great job. Good luck on the voting part.


Nice final Omar. :thumbsup:

Glad you could finish it in time


Hey Climax,
Good job on the final , you finished which is a big part of this I think. Good luck to you.



I want to thank all the nice people who came to my thread to give useful support and encouragement words
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Omar Carias


Man that’s a big list…It’s great that we get to meet so many great peoples here !! did a great job on your final…one of my fav’s for sure…I read your question about the final image over n the questions thread…And if i remember right from the past challenges I think you can submit as many final images as you like and the last one in before the close will be the one that countS…don’t quote me though… :wink:


congratz mate! :slight_smile: pic rox!


Technical Knowledge

• The Grand Space Opera has been a hard task for me because of my work, though I thought it wouldn’t be that complicated it came in a high season, so I could work only at night, I never had the time to post a real “making of”, but if it is helpful, I will give a short explanation so anybody can understand the process.

My knowledge of the software is not as high as many of you, I use 3DsMax 7.0, but the procedure is mostly the same in any other package

The Story

When I created my entry I had nothing in mind, and it was hard to decide what to do, I spend more than a week to figure out what to do, then the idea came as a flash to my mind with this idea I liked the most, though of the war concept, I wanted to do a peaceful image that could give a feeling of hope and harmony, with no ugly aliens nor big soldiers with heavy armors and explosions with people dead all around, so I decided to stop loosing time and get to work, main concept: No War ( see Page 1 for the full story and prolog )

The Sketch

I wanted to represent the moment in which the visitors first planted feet in the new land, just before they discover that the new host planet was inhabit by human like beings, not Cliche Aliens

The Models

All are build with poly default tools, everything was fully 3Dsmax generated

The Robot

The design is basically very simple, I like simple but functional models, First of all I changed my measure units to meters, so I could have and exact reference for size according with my coming models, of course I could scale them to make ‘em look right, when together, but it was very helpful for me to work this way.

• First I drew with curves directly in my front view the outer shape of the robot, this way I could manage the proportions, of course I could have done it in paper an scanned the image to work with more detail, but at the end the result was better for my this way, with this reference I drew the side view and started modeling.

The Scouts

I used the same procedure of the robot but the whole scout body is a single mesh, only hands and head was modeled apart, the design was also very simple in clothes, The main concept was to vary from all the concept of future in paints and films with heavy and uncomfortable heavy armors, by the other side, I agree they should have look better

The Jeep

I have a Jeep of my own, so I wanted to make a Future representation of it ( I love My Old Jeep)

The Boy

All a single poly model Only Nurbs are clothes

The Cargo Ship

Added at the end to justify how the scouts had landed

The Background

Pretty simple Nurbs and twisted planes, mountains made with dreamscape, trees a single cylinder and a patch grid bended with texture, the rocks very simple box modified objects

The Textures

All are made in Photoshop and corel draw, a couple of photographs I made myself for this challenge with my digital camera, but most of them were painted with a tiny tablet

Compositing and Post FX were made completely in Photoshop

Pentium 3 double 1000Mhz Processor & Pentium 4 2.4Mhz

3DSmax 7: Brazil r/s, Dreamscape, Grebble, Texporter
Photoshop CS, and Vector drws for textures Corel Draw 12


Now I see the point of having those birds. Excellent work. I wish you the best of luck! :thumbsup:

I made it to the credits page! :beer:


Excellent job Omar! Very nice final… I think your hard efforts really paid off. :applause: :thumbsup:
Best of luck in the voting mate! :buttrock:


Hey there…I see my name in lights up there…I like that.Thanks.:cool:

…Omar…what can i say more than I am very happy to see you have finished,and finished with a most wonderful way…A classy entry and a special one…original,and emotional,with a very good degree of intensity…

…You as your art have class,and to see work such as yours finished and finished so very well is very gratifying to me…A wonderful picture,details,and every base you touched within the medium were very well represented…I think you have done a stellar job on all fronts.And are on my favorites list…Your work is beautiful and has a great pulling effect,it pulls me in,and draws emotion…:arteest:

Excellent art Omar,from a wonderful guy…You have done yourself proud,and deserve your great results after such a hard effort…All my best to you.And I plan on keeping contact with you after this challenge…Best of luck,and again a most excellent piece of art from you for sure…See you real soon…:buttrock: :arteest:


I really like the idea and concept behind your entry, but 2 things really throw it off for me when I look at the image:

  1. The lighting is too harsh. Granted, I’m very relatively new to 3D lighting, but judging it from a realistic point of view (which I think is what you intended), the sunlight is too harsh and out of balance; what I mean by this is, the scene looks too bright and over-contrasted (the grass, for example, is two different shades of green where the 2 areas were rendered, which gives a sense that they aren’t part of the same scene).
  2. Depth of Field: there’s too little of it and what there is, it’s not enough. The biggest offenders are the moon, the distant spaceships, and the mountains, while minors are the birds and characters. The result of this is that everything looks “tacked-on”, like a cut and paste job. There is no dimensionality: each element looks flat, like they don’t belong together in the same scene.

I really don’t want you to think that I’m picking on you: I really do like your concept and story. It’s just that there are things which I think can be done to make the image even better than it is now. :slight_smile:


• Nemirc & Nekura
Thank you for the nice words guys

• Virtuoso
thanks to you Michael for your great support! I am glad you liked, and I also hope we can keep contact anyhow :thumbsup:

• ArtisticVisions
You forgot to include:
_the bird over the boy’s head
_the fact that such big ships should produce shadows
_The duplicated Bird layer in front of the moon
_The ultra low poly in the boy’s stick
_Maybe such a big moon, so close, should produce such gravitational force that no living creatures could inhabit the planet
:thumbsup: thanks to you, now I see I can do much better than that


Man …i really hope we meet again in another challenge…u are one and only CLIMAX :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Are you being serious or sarcastic?
(forgive me, but sometimes it’s hard to judge a person’s mood from their text) :bounce:


I was in the list !! happy dance

congrats on the job well done !

i like the pigions!


• Not at all, I appreciate your crits, I also saw some errors I haven’t see before, Peace
…It is just that when you say the error throw away the image, it sound like it is garbage and that hurts, but for me it doesn’t matters what u mean, I made some corrections allready, Thanks


• Just fixed some little errors I hadn’t seen, Thanks for making me look over, I Guess this is it :slight_smile: