Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


yea ye ya i am agree with him …try that omar


hey there, Climax.

The changes really improved the looks, however I feel that maybe you added too many birds :shrug:

BTW that “pinup image” rocks. Put a pink armor on the guy and call him Donut and you will be my hero :buttrock:


Exellent update with the compositing like the new pose of the girl, it’s better… and your compositing work is excellent, you’re right the red hologram is better!!:thumbsup:

Waiting to see final image!!! :bounce:

The image with the 3 character in “relax pose” is excellent!!! :applause:


Looking fantastic Omar! This has come along very nicely for you. You have produced a wonderful entry, very vibrant and full of life. I eagerly await your CLIMAX!


Well, well my friend. This looks great and promising, let us see your baby:)


• Thanks for C&C guys!

• Hooch & Visualact
I may be mistaken, but DOF is imposible or at least non natural in this case, adding DOF Between the Jeep and the Cargo ship would result in a total blur in the far planes, I can of course “force” DOF but it would look as a micro scene and everything would look like a picture of a toy using a Macro lens, I appreciate your suggestion anyway, I am happy to know you are interested in making me get the most of my work :wink:

• Nemirc
Yeah, it might be, the image is real big, so a couple of birds would have look insignificant and they are meant to simbolize freedom, wildness, harmony and the hope of a new world wich is asking for its discovery :smiley:

• Superxcm
Thanks pal! coming real soon :thumbsup:


• Richard and Artur
Thanks buddies! you have been very helpfull for me to get at this point, I have learned a lot from u and get a lot of inspiration from your threads, I’ll just make some adjestments and post my final image tonight :beer:


Ok man…maybe i am from the very first to see it …cuase i am up to finish mine too…have fun man…and finish this to rest a bit :bounce: :bounce:


DOF it’s not only use for micro scene, in fact it could add more depth to your image,
if you use it properly there’s no need to blur out the far planes.
anyway, it was only a suggestion.

Good Luck my friend. :thumbsup:


• My dear friend, I know you very well, I hate to do this, but please take a look at this Link
What is Depth of Field
There is no other definition
I never said DOF is only for micgo pictures
In fact, there is infinite depth of field in my image


Hey climax…I know the technical stuff about DOF…but basicaly do it like this…take your blur tool in PS in your back ground layers and make a simple pass or 2 or 3…I woulden’t bother with this or that must be this amount blurred…you have the artistic eye…do it till it looks ok to YOU…it will add an increadable amount of depth…and this is something that has POST written all over it…I know it’s hard to blur out your renders I hate it to…but it does help with depth…I’m sure you have it all under control…I have faitH :twisted:


Hey mate…that little scene of scout relaxing is very nice!!

i ll be waiting your final image friend!..


• Exactly! I Love the efect of the image sharpened against a blurry background this Takes out the most important subject in a picture, I get your point, the thing is…in this case I didn’t want blur, don’t missunderstand, Is not that I don’t appreciate your valious suggestions, I am telling you this because when making the composition I tried depth of field and the result was not what i was looking for in this particular image :wink: , I am not mistaken It depends how you interpret my reply :beer:


:wink: …i hear ya…


:smiley: Lol, I am not mad :wink:



• I hope u like it


Well, you miss my point there, what I was telling you was to give a little blur to your Cargo Ship, not necessary using a DOF FX from Brazil or else, but to do it in Post if you like.
I do agree with Essencedesign by using PhotoShop as an option.
I know you did’nt want to blur your ship, and I understand :slight_smile:
as I said before, it was just a suggestion.
The final image looks great anyway! :slight_smile:

Cheers my friend! :applause:


Congrats on the final friend! But there’s something really bothering me here… I think the lighting on the foreground elements seem a little too harsh, especially on the ship. Can you see it? Like its really really too bright… It’s also making the nice colours you have pale away too! you could try photoshop to bring down the contrast and brightness if it takes too much time to rerender, and don’t worry if you can’t get it done, it looks pretty ok as it stands, just the brightness issue…

Cheers and congrats mate!
:thumbsup: :beer: :applause: :buttrock:


Hey mate…Victory…u finished! congratulations!!

nice challenge…its been a nice trip …thanx for your advice and all your support…

i hope we meet in the next challenge friend…!!
Good luck for votin!!


Hey - you’ve finished! Congrats!

Really nice final - you should be proud of it :thumbsup: