Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


• Yeah, i got your point, the big ship has not the real perspective, that is because i had the image from an earlier milestone and I just composed it there to see how much “air” would i have to put the moons, the other two ships are just an image clone of the closer one, I appreciate your Quick reply Jeremy :slight_smile: is good to know u r keeping an eye in my thread :thumbsup: Thanks buddy!


… ;)…one more little thing I just notices…maybe atttach some form of lighing to the bottome of your land speeder to illuminate the gground beneth it more bluish like the glow is…

…I really like your work omar…your Apple pic is killer…I’m just waiting for rendering right now so I just thought I’d lend a hand is all…peace…


• Aha… there should be light in the ground below the Jeep…I thought GI would do it, but it seems not :sad: , anyway if i can’t make it in 3D i’ll do the force in photoshop :smiley:


Maybe if you tone down the GI intensity it will let the colors show through… :shrug:


Hi climax! i notice black edge in your composite element ! maybe u can check the composite option in your 3d software to get rid of it ,
and yes , GI is good but it effect your texture too , it’ made texture flat ,just like in my entry :shrug:so becareful!
good luck!


• Thanks Monsitj, good observation, well i don’t know if 3Dsmax can do that, but photoshop does, so I allready know how to fix it, thanks again, if it weren’t for you i would have probably left it that way :thumbsup: good eye :slight_smile: !


Hey Omar nice comp the last one…I see to much green too…easily fixed in PS me thinks…apart from that I think that something is missing on the left side to keep the focus on the incomers…Something like a tree might do the job…Apart from that agree with points already mentioned…some tilting and GI on elements will look fine…
I’d also be tempted to do some PS work on heating air around the ground veh and the grande motherships…


Hi there, good points had been made, so I can only add that it would be nice to see some moons in the upper right part of the picture:)


Just dropping by for moral support Omar…Looking great as I mentioned earlier…Just here to say it’s all coming along very well,and the end stages will be nice to see develope and then bloom…All the best,and keep it strong and in the fastlane nice and smooth…:arteest: :arteest:


That will be great man… the pre-compo is :thumbsup:

…last step now… :buttrock:


Hey Omar,

I agree with tilting of the closest large ship , maybe you could move this large ship to the left so only 3/4 of the ship is on the page. This would open the sky up over the robots head , I think this would help the view to look into the picture more, just a thought. When you get the space cow in there I think things will look better again.
Good job with this.


• 3/4 of the ship…That’s a real good suggestion Mike :thumbsup: Why didn’t I think of that before? :banghead:



How come I missed this one for all this time. Precomp is very good… and I agree with mmoir, that would give ust the sense that there is something outside the frame :thumbsup:


Vey great pic, most realitic, i like the lighting, and the characters, the moters ships have a very good style. Great work, i wait the final image


:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:WOOOHOOOO!! waiting for more action mate


• :slight_smile: After a long journey of hard work, Space Scouts also need a time out to re;ax, they say: “It’s hard to be a model” anyway they deserve it after the final image…:smiley:


hhahahhaa!! yeah this image rocks:buttrock: poses are wonderful:)


• A_ Retouched the levels a little bit, I tryed to make the retouches as simple as posible, so litle change from the original ;), After the composite, I realized red hologram was better for me

•B_ Also I reduced the red levels in the first plane

•C_Added a Little glow below the Jeep, GI didn’t work because of the green ground
I decided in the last minute to change a bit the aspect ratio, Added fog to the Mother ships, puting only one moon and adding some strange birds in the sky


•A_ The Sky is a composit of a picture I made myself from the roof of my house and some little retouches in PS, also added some fog to the Space Cow, I tried it to be more visible, but this is the best I could get :frowning:

•B_SOme Fog and retouches to the atmosphere

•D_It should be “C” but I just realized my mistake :P, Fog to the mountains wich were generated with the help of Dreamscape, 98% of the final image is full CG, the rest 2% are the clouds layer just abobe the Mountains

I hope you like it, I won’t do any more, so this time don’t crit, just comments :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m waiting for the final composition though, I don’t know if is it just me or you could try a little DOF in your image, especially between the jeep & the Cargo Ship. :wink:

anyway, great work man and best of luck!

Cheers! :thumbsup: