Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


:slight_smile: …This may sound stupid or ridicoulus, …but…I am very happy to be here…


…good night…


Not at all…
This is a really great community… I’m pretty sure we’re ALL happy to be here. :slight_smile:


Hey Climax,
The Cargo ship or space cow looks very cool, nothing really to crit here. Good job.:thumbsup:


hi Omar,
texture are great! now, work on the real final image. keep going.


Great work Climax :slight_smile:

This composition is looking very promising, I am very impressed with your progress. Keep up the great work! GOod Luck!


Great work. Keep at it. Were gettin close now.


Hello friend…I’ve been watching silently progress in here quite a time…just dropped by to give some motivation bounces mate!! :bounce::bounce:


Motivation-encouragement posting by me too…now Hold your breath Omar …one week left…:bounce:


Can’t beleive there is such little time till the end…lets see soem of these elements together, :thumbsup: …we are lucky to have you in this contest…

…i remember at the end of the last compo. I actually felt a little lost for the first week or so…a great place to meet great artists :applause: …and you are surely one of them…now on to the finishline we all gO )))))


Yeah time is running out, but you can do it! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: bounce like the wind!


• Thanks for the encouragement words guys! I really need them now, I have still some unfinished models, but I will post soon the elements of the composition :sad:


hey cool cargo transport, dude. and it looks so happy !


Where are u crazy Bubble ? ppssssst! :bounce:

We need updates man… :bounce: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


• This is a little update, the boy is allready rigged and ready, but I am not very convinced whit the texture, he looks a bit pale, anyway I am in a hurry by now and I will try to finish as it comes and if I have time at the end I will make some adjustments to the compositing layers.
• The scene is in daylight, so there should be only one light source ( the sun) which according whit the moon’s bright side is in sudwest of the camera stand point, I will really use some suggestions about the color of the environment, but I also know it will depend of the entire elements in the image :slight_smile:
• The global ilumination will do the trick, but i have to pay attention to contrast of light and shadows :smiley:


hey mate ! i haven`t been here for a while! and i am very sorry because of that because ur work rox! beautifull updates cant w8 to see final!


Great work Omar. I only think that there should be a bigger contrast. And nice work on the boy!


The boy looks great Climax! :thumbsup: I think adding some post effects will help alot…:slight_smile:


Hey he looks great my friend…the textures on the rocks look esoecialy good…maybe I might suggest to bring the diffuse levels down a bit… :shrug: …but you are well on your way…so like you said to me…

…you know best what will work with your image…so just keep on cooking…and it will turn out greaT ))))

…ow about a bounce cause they seem like the trendy smile to use right noW… :bounce:


You’re doing great Omar… very nice all around! You can make it, just focus, work hard, and it will come together. :slight_smile:

Keep rockin’ man! :buttrock: