Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


• Dimitris
Thanks pal, The render is actually only a test, composited with a photograph, it has nothing to do with the final, it was just to see how Scouts would look outdoors :smiley: the position of the sun according with the shadow of the rock is in Nordwest, i think they should have a bit more light coming from the right, because if the GI, but I just wanted to see them together :slight_smile:
And…OF COURSE you may add your valious observations and comments, I appreciate them very very much! :thumbsup:

Thanks for your support my friend, I think your work is remarkable, I like your thread very much! :thumbsup:

• Terraarc
Mike, thank u very much for your wishes, I will surely need that strenght, May the force also be with you :smiley:

• Wong K M
hahahaha, I was told of that before…maybe too much time in outer space make some things to shrink :smiley:

• Mmoir and Ace4016
It is nice to have your support guys thanks and cheers for that :beer: , Yeah clothes are too clean I thought the same, but they have never been outside the ships, so they should be neat and clean :smiley: by the other side uniforms are made of an special kind of synthetic material due to the lack of natural resourses in the ships :thumbsup:

• Lowell
Thanks mate, I hope I can come with more soon…if not I will have to post until next year hahahaha :smiley:
To you and to all of you Good friends I wish u also a

[color=lime]• VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR![/color]

[font=Verdana][size=2]• Lombardo[/size][/font]
Cool to have you back! Thanks for your support my friend, about the clothes see reply to mmoir and ace :smiley:


Keep it up! and best of luck my friend!


Wow! Nice renders! Very cool stuff Climax. :thumbsup:

I think most everything has been addressed… nothing to say but that you’re doing really great! Keep going man! :applause:

Oh, also… Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


…Omar :wavey: …I feel just great to see your last renders.You have worked hard and to see these results are wonderful to see…I think you have done a excellent job.a wonderful job from modeling to textures,and the poses look quite dynamic,nice job on all fronts…:buttrock: …It to me is extra nice when a real nice guy and talented artist gets great work done as he or she planned…Again very nice Omar,really nice work…your cocnept has sprung to life and is coming along as well as can be…Cheers to you…:beer: :arteest:


Almost there Omar, I’m glad to see all those nights of hard work getting to an end, you have clear my mind and I promise you I’ll enter the next CGChallenge! :wink:


supa nice render!


• This is the last day of the year…So I want to wish all of you friends a very very:

••• HAPPY NEW YEAR!! •••
:bounce: :beer: :buttrock: :bounce:


Happy New year Omar…The very best to you and your loved ones…See you soon.:beer: :beer:


Happy new year - and you really made some nice updates here! Keep going, but first you may party :beer:


I hope the better for you in 2005… and for you all :thumbsup: happy new year :scream:


Happy new year my friend, have a safe and happy time tonight eh!? What a start to the new year this challenge is…


merry merry christmas

:thumbsup: :bounce: :applause: :beer:


Happy New Year Matey!


Nice work! I got one idea abou the robot posture. In your concept sketch his weapon looks more menacing, How about if you just raise its hand a little so that the weapon is emphasized more. Anyway this rocks!:thumbsup:


:smiley: MY GSO


Omar …i wish u and your family …(takes breath to shout ) Happy New Year man to u and your loved ones…(i think i woke up the neighbours…hahahahha)…



hello Omar,

Everything’s looking nice. Keep up! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Happy new years omar


OMAR, i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend!! :beer:

Keep going!!! :buttrock:


[color=White]de promocion durante todo el 2005 tendras tamales gratis cada fin de semana en tus visitas a mexico, esta promocion no es transferible y solo podras comer 3 tamales por dia… de lo contrario podrias tener una indigestion!!..:scream:

Muy feliz año Omar te deseo lo mejor a ti y a tu familia …que este año nuevo este lleno de triunfos para ti!



Happy New Year Omar and all! My best wishes to everyone in '05! :slight_smile: