Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


Hello there Climax! Very Merry Best wishes and Christmas from here too!! (kind of late but …yesterday was no internet day…:))

Best wishes!



• Here is the man, texture faces are hand made in photoshop, the suit is a mixture of procedurals and transparency maps, I liked the suit in gray, “R2” in their back is also ready Lol, I hope you like it


• some other views, click on the image for a closer view


• Same as with the man, eyes won’t be seen, so I didn’t put detail on them, sorry for that I hope you like her in the whole :slight_smile:


• Eyes are only a multisubobject material, eyelashes a transparency map, but as I said won’t be seen, I just had fun, detail would be useless
I tryied a transparent Visor but I didn’t like it, the glass is too big for better field of view of the Scouts


• It needed more than one bone to rig them all, Lol, there are still some problems in deformations specially in the man’s underarms, I’m working on it, I wanted to Add some environment to it, so I used a photograh just to make test with the robot, I hope u like it
C&C are as allways very much appreciated :wink:


I don’t know what to say… just Excellent :thumbsup: really !


wow ! when i saw this image from thumbnail entry page i think it’s a photo ! very great job!


great render my friend…HDRI …yes…composite BG or textured ground plain ??..whatever looks great…keep it up… :thumbsup:


very nice!!!..i love the textures u created for the ground!..and the scouts are very well done too
the only little crit i have is the right arm pose of the man…is not wrong but i think it can have a more relaxed pose…

i just saw your other updates before this one and are very great work man!..youre rockin!:buttrock:


owww veri nice update here cool…:thumbsup:


• Thanks for your comments mates! The backgound is a composite, suit material Oren Nayar blin, face textures Photoshop, the lines of the suits Corel Draw, Rendering Brazil

• As I said, there are still some details: The belts of the backpacks have interpenetrations, the underarms of the man are having bad deformations, minor details I think, there is still lot of work to be done, all the landscape will be full CG, the boy is in progress, the cargo ship is not ready and some other details i have in mind for the final Image

• I appreciate your c&c they are very helpfull and a good incentivation to improve, thank u very much friends, you are all great and excellent artist as well, the end of this challenge will be a real hit and I hope to be there at its Climax.

:beer: Salud Amigos!


Very good render Omar…if i may also add an observation that hit my eye at once…uhave the Sun on their back…(cuase of their shadow on ground.)…but yet i think they should be a little less lit in front…or change the direction of the sun light…and maybe u could turn that light in Area light…so that shadows diffuse more as they go away from their source…just a humble opinion :slight_smile: …good work there man…keep going mate.


:applause: wowwwwwwwww very good.:applause:

See my 2d Challenge process


Pretty cool render mate! :thumbsup: Nothin more to crit that you haven’t mentioned…wishing the best of powers and efforts for the remaining days…I’ll be watching…:slight_smile:


Just splendid. A beautiful render you got there mate!

The shoulder rig’s been mentioned before. I think that’s the only problem with the render right now. But I it would be nice to show the guy with a bigger crotch, you know? :scream: Kidding kidding…lame joke…

Cheers no less!


Hey Omar,

Your characters are looking great, the robot especially has nice textures to it.
Excellent job .:thumbsup: The other 2 characters textures look a little too clean, which I am sure you were planning on addressing. Great job all round.


great stuff & looking forward for more!..and i should say this in advance than not …"[color=red]HAPPY NEW YEAR OMAR!"[/color]


Nice update climax. the three scouts look great, but the human scouts clothing look a bit too clean, maybe that was your intention though. Good luck skinning, the hardest part to rigging (for me atleast). Can’t wait to see more updates.


Waouw nice update Climax!!.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
How i miss this! :bounce:

i like it, for sure, some work on skin of the underarms is necessary( i agree ace4016, i think is the the hardest part too) , but the texture look cool. I don’t know if someone tell you this before (too many post :blush: ) but i think that the feet of the robot is too small… just my opinion…:shrug:

Anyway, i like the render, and texture, nice work!!!
I looking at the update!

Keep going!!:buttrock: