Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


looking good captain…LOL. no crits from me Omar! keep up


Ummm…I think that it’s time for an update over here…yes… :shrug: …please… :buttrock:


Ummm…I think that it’s time for an update over here…yes… :shrug: …please… :buttrock:

yeah :buttrock:


Ummm…I think that it’s time for an update over here…yes… :shrug: …please… :buttrock:

yeah :buttrock:
Lining up for the upcoming…UPDATE!! :buttrock:


Great scouts. They look very nice. Well done my friend, well done!


gr8 scout mate!


great detail in the modeling and if you texture your people as well as the jeep you will have a awsome picture


The audiance is waiting for more eye candy Omar…I look forward to more ASAP…Just coming in looking for that update…Your emotional and very well done work is really on the right road,and I wish you luck on that fastlane you are on…Until the update all the best to you Omar…:cool: :cool:


• I just can’t find the words to express how gratefull I am with your encouraging words and support, shamefully for me I also can’t find the time to work in my project, so I spend sometimes my nights in it, but the result isn’t what I want and colaterally, next day is hard for me to work in other things, time is running real fast for me and I have to make an extraordinary labor to keep alive in my thread, I thank very much your help and fellowship for keep pushing me, I 'll make all I can to succesfully reach the deadline with you guys, I think I 'll go slowly from now on…:sad:

• But I won’t give up!! :beer: It is strange, but one of the most important reason to keep here, is that I am not getting payed for it :slight_smile:


Scouts are top notch :bounce: :thumbsup:

“R2D2”… :smiley: …needs a little more work…and…also …start texturing man …chop chop!


Hey good mate it’s been quite a while since I came in.

You know how I feel about this whole challenge? I think everyone comes out a winner, simply because we all have improved over the past 2+ months, and at the end even if we do not finish the challenge in time we can still do it up later, adding yet another piece to our own portfolios!

That’s what’s most important to me, so don’t worry, i think there’s nothing to lose even if you can’t finish, but plenty more to gain when you do, no matter when you finish it!

Cheers man
:buttrock: :beer:


The scouts look very good, very clean modeling. And the backpacks are pretty neat, like having half an R2D2 hanging behind ya :smiley:



That jeep looks absoulutely perfect , congrats on the whole model , wonderfully done.



*****May all your wishes come true, :beer: :buttrock: *****


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays if you don’t celebrate the first two… :wink:


Merry Christmas to you too! And Happy holidays to those who do not celebrate christmas. :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas Man… and good end of the year :love:


Merry Christmas mate! :bounce:


Just dropped by to say Merry Christmas friend!


Merry Christmas!