Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias



That mothership is very nice, definitely will look imposing in the sky for the final image. I have to say your initial concept sketch was one of my favorites.
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Great work on the robot and mothership! Your texture work is very fine! Keep it up man! :applause:


I like your concept and your models look pretty good. Waiting for your next update:thumbsup: .


The mothership looks really good - particularly how those hard shadows fall across it… I’m afraid we won’t be able to see that in the final image though, huh? :sad:


• mmoir :love: :blush: :thumbsup: thanks for such kind words!

• Nekura :beer:

• Ace4016 Comming soon to a thread near you :cool: ( 3D glasses not included) :smiley:

• JamesMK I guess not :sad: , :shrug: but i had fun! :smiley:


The adition of the mother ship really fills the background nicly…I’ve been a fan of this entry for the begining…and you have brought it to reality…congrats :thumbsup:


Wow looking great man! Cant wait to see the finished product =) Very creative!


very nice update that mothership really looks massive great design really like it:thumbsup:

waiting for next update i am sure it will be awesome:bounce:


• I was about to texturize the Jeep, and accidentally moved a cluster of polys, and I got this!! :eek: LOL, I liked a lot so I decided to leave it like this and call it “The Hammerhead”, tonight I will start texturizing and post maybe tomorrow.
• I hope you like this unexpected change :smiley: :smiley:


Hey Omar,

The jeep looks cool, I really would like to take it for a spin. I think a long antennea would look cool on this , maybe on the rear fender. Just a thought.
Great job on this.:thumbsup:
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Hah! I love it! That jeep looks soo phat! Excellent! :applause: (Can’t wait for the texture…!)


A true good idea and design for this HammerHeads car man… I’m waiting the textured version… :thumbsup:


HammerHead looks good! :thumbsup:

Waiting for the textures!



Very very nice models… no comments… more please.


I appreciatte too much your support on my job.
Thank you

Miguel Salinas


Really cool jeep, sometimes the best things happen through “accidents” - keep it up!


I really like that jeep now! Definitely add some tall antennas like someone suggested, that would look excellent :thumbsup:


hi Omar…
your unexpected “hammerhead” looks great…! :thumbsup: as well as smoking ‘hammerhead’ shark guy…! :smiley: now i’ll start too spontaneously moov clasters… maybe i’ll get something cool as well… :smiley:
very cool pic indeed… :slight_smile: i personally like it greatly…!
keep unexpected work up and cheers… :beer:


• Not so many vehicles, survived from earth, it was useless to ocupy necesary space in the crowded Motherships when leavin earth, The hammerheads were an exception, They were light, fast very small and the most important, they didn’t need fuel since they used electromagnetic fields to operate, however, that was the main reason they couldn’t be used inside Motherships, sometimes they caused gravity fluctuations in the GE Systems creating instability in the navegational controls, they resided in cargo ships waiting for an opportunity to drive again in solid earth.
Their design wasn’t very aesthetic, but they were powerfull and very very stables


• “It drives so fast and flyes not so hight, in the air, But it doesn’t really matters,” as the song says LOL
• Lots of procedurals and a couple of photograps i took from my own car were used, (now you can imagine my economic resourses), antenas are incorporated as asked :wink: and some minor changes from the original concept.
• I hope you like it and any c&c are as allways necessary :slight_smile:

ps: it drives soo fast, even passenger deintegrate, thaths why is by now control remoted manipulated :smiley: