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Latest Update: Final Image: The Incomers ( A New Earth )

• Just fixed some little errors I hadn’t seen, Thanks for making me look over, I Guess this is it :slight_smile:


Long ago human race had to leave earth because it was about to be absorved by the sun’s gravity, this star was dying and begun to compress its mass and rotate faster and faster, only 25% of human made it to survive in outer space because of the unprepared and forced new astronauts and of course technical failures in spaceships that were never planed to travel long distances, many deceases, the absence of breathable air generators, food and GES (Gravity Emulator Systems) provoqued the chaos inside the ships, people started to struggle each other an many died, some other stations suffered failures of GES, the crew started to manifest musculature atrofiation and weakness they became like pale zombies and were left behind because was imposible to help them without lossing many other lifes, those ships remained as ghost ships in space like enormous floating tombs.
No Politic nor Religious parties in a desperate attemp could control the hysteria of the survivors, the human race was about to extintion in a lonely vast and cold space, but it was then when some call “the hand of god” guied a trop of SS (Space Scouts) to find a little planet with atmosphere and optimal for living, but the technology of the only 3 surviver spaceships couldn’t determine wich kind of life would they find in the new “host planet” This Image represents a historical momet where the two scouts and the robot when first planted feet in alien soil and didn’t know what to expect of the possible unhabitants of the new earth. Only 3 ships of 217 made it to that point, the legend speaks of further battles with other aliens not human like beings from other planets but by this time human race had colonized other planets and grow a new Empire whose fall was not because the invaders but for the corruption of the liders who didn’t look back and didn’t appreciated what made the unhabitants of the legendary Earth reach life in deep space, now war is over and humans convive pacefully with other races who helped us to rebuild not a new civilization but to make us councious that doesn’t matter how powerfull can we become but to understand that we are merely living creatures who can live in harmony even with the most extrange creatures in this vast universe.

I guess i was a bit inspired, hope you like it and i will send more updates to my thread to show how am I going, this is all i have at the moment, don’t ask me how I’m planning to make this 3D lol


• Can you imagine what was the impresion of the scouts when they realized that this planet unhabitants where human like???!!!

• Damn cool! it was in a “Pimitive” stage of what the original earth passed in the christ age, the boy hidding is a shepperd who was stauned by the vision of the new “visitors”

:eek: :scream: :surprised


Dude - what a concept.

The story behind the concept is in depth, and very interesting. However, I can’t help but feel that the concept image doesn’t really reflect the power that the story has. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to show the previous struggle, or reflect how those scouts would feel. If you were one of the last survivors of the human race, and you had to do what they did, I think you might break down and cry when you found a habitable planet, rather than just messaging back to the others. I dunno.

Anyway, the sketch is very good technique wise, it is clear and detailed. But I think a few minor alterations to composition and figures poses could do wonders for your work, and show some real emotions in your piece.

Good luck.


• Well, i actually figured my story out of the image i had in mind, I’m not sure of many details yet and I appreciate your suggestion
• I was thinking in giving it a reinasance paint look, the figures in this period didn’t have to much “movement” but a little more action would be interesting:thumbsup:

• Thanks stevetwist! your oppinion got me thinking and I’m planning new modificaions


Well, Now into 3D, this is the first model, hope you like it!
I have been allways a comics book lover, so I played some compositing :stuck_out_tongue:


Here some action poses but i don’t think it will show like this in the final image, the model is designed to be very simple instead of the common Big baroque “monster-Robots”


Here is the wire, the “movement” in the final image will be a little bit more static because of the story, the scouts come with caution because they don’t know what are the going to find, thats why the robot comes armed.


Hi Climax…Nice to meet you.And I must say you have a very well rounded indepth concept,story and art…The look is appealing and has tension as a pivotal moment if you ask me…I look forward to seeing you advance in 3D.All the best and keep up the nice work,very promising…:arteest:


Nice robot model. It is clear how your concept art played an important role in the development of that little dude. Rock on.


Classic! Looks to be really sweet!


This are the Scouts, no Hyper futuristic clothes, just what they need, I know maybe characters are not to be the first point to be evaluated,but where would be humanity in the distant future without the humans :\?


hi Omar… welcome to the challenge!

i have to say i agree with stevetwist… you concept story is great… drawings and character design as well… though your composition is good enough it doesnt express all the importance of the event… in my opinion you should spend some time trying to find the best way to how to represent your wonderful idea/story…

i’ll definitely keep an eye on your thread… its very promising indeed…:thumbsup:
cheers and best of luck in challenge!


• I know they appear emotionless if you think this is the first habitable planet they find, however deep space have made them distrust of anything and their life in space have teach 'em of “cold feeling” This may be the first time they touch earth in their lifes because they were born in a spaceship, they should feel unconfortable, feeling no artificial gravity for example nor the used breathable air. when their ancestors left Earth years ago just a few animals came with, they were all used as food because of the desperation of the crew none survived, they have learned no mercy, only to “use” what they have on hand to keep themselves alive.

Scientist had previewed the death of the sun centuries ago and all nation knew the Earth soon or later would be swallowed by its gravity that would grow at each second once started agonizing, The humanity had to forget about frontiers and they were all broken, countries existed no more but a big comunity, all working for the same objetive, Scape from that solar system as soon as possible, even they left the colonies they had in Mars where they had allready managed to reach living conditions, everybody had to use their talents to design spcecrafts, and any artificial device to produce living conditions in big aestheticless spaceships in form of little cities, thousand of them where build and each finished were filled whit people and animals as the Noah’s ark and moved to mars from where they would leave the solar system forever.
Nevertheless, time were not by their side, The sun begun to behave “strange” before time, and weather was begining to be variable as hell, poles started slowly to change and the moon to aproach Earth, Chaos reigned on the whole planet, they started to fight each other to abbord even the unfinished ships, only some ships made it out of earth, so many time were lost building them to never be used and were lost forever with more than half living creatures on the planet. it was not easy once out of earth the sun’s gravity grew faster than they thought and many were swallowed because of the need of scape power ( the velocity needed to scape from a gravitational field).
It was deeply sad, light years away they could see how our sun had become a horryble and mercyless black hole, all humans left were there in 217 ships crying and sorrowed of their fate and the unforseenable future.

• But yes, you are totally right, the moment when they arrive on new soil should be much more dramatic, but because they have learned to be “selfish” maybe they try to take the new planet fighting tne inhabitants, as Spain did in America.

Thank you very much for the suggestions, i’ll do my best to improve my image.
And sorry for my bad grammar, My mother language is not English :stuck_out_tongue: even i have problems with my own Lol

Omar Carias


• I should use another moment for my 3D picture one more chaotic, for example The hysteria within the ships or whatever (according to the Theme of the Grand Space Opera), But I am trying to show “Hope” to mankind, anyway I’ll try to “print” more action in my image.

Thanks fellows :smiley: and good luck to every one of you!!


Omar, I really like the first sketch you’ve posted. I agree with Stevetwist about experimenting to find the best image to convey your excellent storyline, but it’s clear that you’ve got solid concepts in mind and that you will arrive at the inherent drama as you work on the models for the scene and test out how best to use them. The robot is a very nice start – an efficient design that seems quite flexible, judging from the action poses. I’ll be sure to keep tabs on your progress, and wish you the very best of luck in the contest!


i like your “epic” point of view. I hope you ll produce the best epic scene.
but i think your meshs are really heavy ? no ?


• Yeah, maybe you are rigth althought i tryied not to do so.
I appreciate your comment and i wish my computer can stand the pressure, if not, there is allways the composite solution :shrug:



Waouw excellent concept and sketch. I like a lot! :thumbsup:

The pose of the robot are very cool!!And his modeling too, i like the style! Keep posting!!:buttrock:


Here is the Ship, I’ve been using metric units and it size is 800 mts diameter, I didn’t want to put much detail on it 'couse it wont be seen then would be useless work unless I change my mind later.