Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Nothing to be proud of yet and the model needs many hours of detailing. I will reintegrate the previous shapes (orbs and stuff) later.
I’m on it.


Great concept i like it a lot.

Models are also great hope to see more of this nice job:thumbsup:


Reversing and adjusting the object…


Looking really interesting now :thumbsup: … a bit alienesque as well (but not too much)… You might want to break up the repetitiveness a bit, unless of course the addition of the other objects will do that automatically. Keep it up :wip:


Nice Pov Norman , you have a nice progress here , Keep going man


that is deadly modeling skill! may the force be with you Norman… good luck:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Previous structure was too thin. I like it more like that.


@greentek : don’t worry this piece shouldn’t look like your temple at all. See the last updates, nothing to compare…:slight_smile:

@Lelantos : yes I’m kind of slow on this one…many reasons…but I intend to finish it !

@JamesMK : aha ! “alienesque” ! This is a warning you send me here :smiley:
I intend to separate the “arms” of the structure during the next steps.

@adr : thanks for your support !

@uwil : the force ? what is that ? I’m getting back in ingeneering to check my warp core…Engage !:smiley:

See ya everyone !


the force ? what is that ?

don’t worry it’s not deadly :twisted:


it will if i do my best cos i’m starting it a bit later… :smiley:

great updates Norman!! :thumbsup: i like them a lot… and i like your work in general… great style!
keep it up friend and cheers… :beer:


About the repeating pattern : that’s a good point indeed. Obtaining a repeating pattern is obviously a part of the idea but if the effect is too strong (and at this stage it is) I’ll try to fix that.

@greentek : I thought I was the slowest of all ! don’t try to beat me about that ! :smiley:


Pillars just rock…i hope u will add something to brake a little the repeat of this …or u have said something about it ( sorry i did’nt read everything in your thread.) looks cool and in way it has a signature of your work known to me from your last work in challenges :deal: …cheers Norman!


A more interesting point of view and a little excerpt : the sketch used to define the basic pattern of the archways.

Refinements and modeling to come next week…


this is coming along nicely. That tunnel looks freaky deaky - nice and spooky!:cry: mommy help me, I’m scared. Anyway, nice work. peace.


now THAT’s the one; a killer point of view!

good use of the foreground to add that tremendous depth -awesome!



ohhman…your designs are very original and well done…im impressed…i love your concepts…i think your mchineflesh entry was superb and now this one is looking very good! nice modeling man!!keep on:wip:


This kind of design remind me some arquitectural designs in art noveau, but in your own personal style, that’s difficult to reach… very good!

I can’t wait to see more


hi Norman…
i think you should keep this repeating stuff… cos it looks very, very alien my friend…
sorry mate can’t suggest anything more constructive… :sad:
but can express my great gratitude for your excellent comments in my thread…
thanks mate! :thumbsup: and keep this very fast work up! :smiley:


Hie Norman,

I like your modelling…very organic…dark and gothic…is Giger one of your infuence?:smiley:

I would add some rhythm into that tunnel so it wont look that repetative unless that what you want to achieve…Kudos!:thumbsup:


Nice progress man! :thumbsup:
Nothing to crit, I also like the repeating pattern…

Happy modelling! :slight_smile: