Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Maybe the answer I’m looking for is hiding into that bunch of sketches…at least I hope so. It seems i’m heading back to that bone shapes I love so much. In that case I’ll try to avoid a crash with Mr Giger’s style…:wink:


Wonderful gothic sketches here! :thumbsup: Wishing you the best on finalizing your iconic composition. I know it’s a bit early but I prefer the first composition test…(don’t ask why!!) it seems to me that it’s more fitting to evolve goth on it and lead the viewer to the distant hole of the thing for an answer or the “pivotal moment”…

Waiting more…


hmmm Norman… still drawing?!
i wish i had a quarter of your creativeness… this drawings are great but think you have to move a bit faster… just suggestion…
cheers mate…


like the way you’re still working things out in the sketch mode -much easier to do it now than later eh?

still, can’t wait to see the 3dee…


Great 2D sketches! I like those sharp edges also! Maybe you could mix up some of your ideas in order to get a united one. I am also with concept trouble…I know it is a hard time to find your final comp…anyway good luck!


Your work/art flows,it has a free loose look and feel…It’s right up my alley of Goth and steam-punk…Well yours more just Goth in this instance…I think at this stage you should just let loose,create and build from a basic starting point.Then as your creations grow expand on the scope and scale…Just allow the free forms to go wild and free…Sometimes we all can over think too much,just let it happen,your shapes and forms are beautiful,set them free,than with time you can give extra attention to the overall tie in of your scene…Anyways I know you will come up with a beauty of an entry…I look forward to seeing it…:arteest:


another interesting thread, your MF entry as excellent also btw

sketches are looking great man, waiting to see it all come together ;p


Nice Classic style Concepts ! Look forward to seeing more details!


nices sketches&idea there hope to see more… :D!


And so it begins…

First model, first shapes, first thoughts :
I like the shape but I must admit that it reminds me too much of those fancy blades that everybody can find in shops these days. That problem will disappear when I will give a technological aspect to the object, not mentioning the texturing. At least I hope so.

See ya !


@Virtuoso : your words are so encouraging ! thanks a lot ! That’s true, I sometimes over think before creating…:banghead:

@Versiden : thank you !

@adel3d : details are comin’ ! thanks for supporting !

@markovicd. : you WILL see more, don’t worry…:wip:

@Everyone : your support is really helpful, I hope I’ll manage to produce interesting models in the next few days. :wavey:


hi Norman…
great model…:thumbsup: very nice looking! and don’t worry about fancy blades… everything reminds something… but your model is quite original…
looking forward and cheers…


Just a little test while searching shapes for the archways. I don’t like it like that because the orb have a complex shape and the “pillars” too so they don’t work well together.
I’m working on it and I should have something more interesting tomorrow.

See ya !


Hi Norman,

Nice to see your sensitive work again! I’ve just jumped in to say best luck!



Good work man! Wishing the best on your project!:slight_smile:

Keep it up! Or as I most normally say in these occasions: Happy modelling! :bounce:



great looking stuff you got there already!

yea maybe the orb should be simpler , I only saw the shape
of the arcs first and just a lense flare in between… only
a bit later did i notice the orb details…i dunno…


nice modeling…man…i was waiting for this moment…now the magic begins…:bounce:


@Tremoside : hi ! I hope everything’s going well for you ! Thanks for dropping by my thread. As you can see I’m very slow on this one…but I’m trying to fix that. See ya !:slight_smile:

@terraarc : thanks for your support ! I guess I’ll be happy when I really start modeling…damned !:smiley:

@Squibbit : once more, you’re right. I was aware of that though. I plan to model the entire object (ship) and refine the mesh later. That includes making the “orb” simpler. Because unless it is in the foreground, nobody will see the details. (but the pentium 4 will see the redundant polygons…argl !:D)

Anyway a big thanks for your comments guys, because there is so few to comment at this time…I’m working on bigger updates.:beer:


i like the design of those shapes. this should be an interesting piece


hi Norman…
your last pic looks very nice !!! :thumbsup: i’m doing something similar for the tempel in my thread…
keep it up mate and cheers…