Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


I’m experiencing difficulties to find an efficient composition…not mentioning the basic idea.
Always turning around the same concepts.
I have to hurry now.


It’s not like you are in a suuuuuuuper hurry yet… but get on with it :smiley:

I like the drama of the perspective in some of the sketches… not sure what you’re going to do yet exactly, to be honest, but the gothic feeling seems very promising. Now get started modeling stuff already :wip:


those spiral shells always look cool :slight_smile:


Agree …and i also like those spiral shells …now chop chop…
there is no much time left actually …only 2 months :scream:

…waiting your wips man!


I get the forced perspective point but I don’t really see why it implies “deformed objects” ?
Can’t you have camera such as fisheyes in your rendering software?

Anyway your sketches are “d’enfer”, i really like the gothic feeling.
Keep up :wip: and post some render of your tests, the community may be of some help…

Bonne chance / good luck


@rattlesnake :thanks for the support !

@malcolmvexxed : thanks, I’ll try to keep things sharp.

@JamesMK : yep, maybe one last sketch and after that, modeling it will be…

@Squibbit : unfortunately I will probably not keep the spiral things…:cry:

@DimitrisLiatsos : 2 months are ok if I begin modeling this week. So here I go !:arteest:

@nataz : maybe I’m wrong : I think that getting that kind of perspective is ok with fisheye-like cameras but the deformations would be too important if I want a detailed close-up just near the camera. Anyway, this is a minor technical issue and I’ll deal with it (if there is really a difficulty) during the modeling and rendering processes.
I’ll try to post some 3d tests today. Thanks for the comments !


no worries , I decided to put something like the spiral shells in my work :slight_smile:

u see people were doing such good stuff with their modeling here I decided
to put more effort into mine and redo stuff , instead of just modeling box-like stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


i am still sketching, but we both have to go faster, beacause the last thing to do is the render,
and you have a complex final scene (if you do the sama has the last challenge),
wish you to find your way!:thumbsup:


Hi Norman…Welcome to the challenge…I like your intial thoughts,tests,they have potential and a very nice idea/concept can come from these I believe…Just dig deep,let this idea grow,work on the fly,let things flow naturally…I think your work will evolve from this…I always think it’s best to allow yourself to have a certain amount of freedom when creating,not being to strict and on course,espeacially when on a solo project…

I’ll be back,I think you will have this together sooner than you think…All the best and have fun…:arteest: :beer:


@Squibbit : exactly !! getting away from those star wars (primitives) shapes is quite difficult. Good luck with your spirals anyway!:smiley:

@choptider : yeah you’re right. Render times will be interesting…hope you’ll find your way too.

@Virtuoso : Thanks to you for this great piece of advice. I will stop brainstorming and begin the modeling tonight. Besides, I’ve got the picture in mind which is enough to begin with.

As I said, one last burst of sketches and go go go !

Thank you for your great support !


hi Norman…

you have an excellent sketches… :thumbsup: and pretty many of them to choose from for the composition…
best of luck and see you after some updates mate…


gothic?, i don’t know… ahhhh normanesque. very different approach in sketching i’ve seen. now, it’ll be great to see the 3D.


Glad I could help some…i do look forward to your creations Norman…I’ll be looking for them…:arteest:


I’ve been working a little more on that sketch.


Some possible shapes for the archways.
There will probably be different models in the whole structure.

I know you guys are waiting for 3d wip now. Next update it will be!


great shapes Norman! i like your ornament very much… :thumbsup: and still in the same style… cool…

see you after posting 3D stuff! :smiley:
cheers mate…


While this is 3D, it is still a sketch.
These are 2 possible view angles : I will use the one that fits best to my previous sketches I think…

See ya !


Well, I don’t really know what to say. Your MachFlesh challenge was awesome. And, well, so are you’re sketches so far. But, I personnaly think you should come up with a story. I just think that would help you lock down your idea and get your juices flowing. Either way, looking good and I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully. peace! and Bon Chance!


@uwil : thanks ! 3d’s coming…

@greentek : thanks for your words. And yes there are some similarities between my machineflesh shapes and these ones. But I’ll try to make them look very different during the modeling process…

@HieSpike : yes you’re right and thanks for your support ! By the way, I’ve got some beginning of story. Here it is :

  • Wrong way -

Captain’s log :

“Galaxy has been at war for two centuries now.
Those damn ambassadors insisted to seal the non aggression agreement on neutral ground. Time is of the essence and on my second officer’s advice I’ve decided to take a shortcut through an ancient shipping route that my people avoid for a long time.
They have their legends, I have my top priority mission.
However, the ancient cartography manuscripts don’t mention the existence of a nebula…that is odd but it’s too late to turn back…”

Just an idea…maybe this will change. Engage ! :slight_smile:


Looking back at more classical shapes…but I don’t want to make some “Lord of the space rings” stuff…