Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


Moritz Füllgrabe has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final image

here it is. big thanks to everyone helped me through this chaos:-) best wished to all other artists here at the grand space opera.


this civilization has become ignorant and complacent. Now the time has come, they have to pay…
sorry, I know that this image does not give you a view to the story above but wait a little bit…


Excellent image. Can’'t wait for the rest of the story. gl hf man.


a little sketch to get an idea of the scene


this here is a first landspace test


here are some tests around the cityscape, where the action will happen


nice concepts

love the first concept all tho im not sure what it is

waiting for some modeling


Some very nice prelims, Moritz. I love the way you’ve combined monochrome renders with hand-drawn elements to give an overview of your scene, and the final pic in the set is just an awesome example of using greeble to put together an entire massive city. Look forward to seeing more!


Wow, this looks promising. Great concepts. Not much to say other then keep up the good work :slight_smile:


thank you guys for the comments. this will keep me up bringing this project foward.
I hope to show you more of this soon. so, stay tuned



your images have good composition and perspective, also the bridge fits with those airships you are making but rather than having another ladder leading to inside the ship how about making the bridge connects directly to the mechanical door.(I suggest)
rock on and good luck.


yes, this is a good idea. the sketch is only for giving me (and you) an idea how the picture will look like, but the details are not worked out, yet.

I think the bridge next to the ship will look better than this “ladder”, thanx



The city is awsome and have a great feeling! Go on! Show me more! :bounce:


wow, it’s looking great so far


Cool concept ! Want to see more things…


looks promising, great concept and good modeling start:)

I will be watching you:twisted:


so, some edits of the cityscape. I decided to let a huge “canyon” run through the metropolis. will modell more details inside this rift. adiitional I will create some more special buildings and streets inside the city


Great! The image is amazing. You got it right!


thats goood… awesome i mean… i really dig those concept designs… and good start on the modeling… i’ll b waatchin this one… keep it up and best of luck mate! :thumbsup:


Your concepts are really great so far. Personally, I think you should focus on the city and who lives there, or a representative of who lives there. Battles are good and wrecking stuff can be fun but I think you could have a deeper look into this civilization (before turning it into a parking lot! :slight_smile:

just some thoughts,