Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Organization against religious persecution


Hello Versiden, your final looks awsome! :thumbsup:

I like the scale of things and the feeling of the image a lot…colors do some great work too!:thumbsup:

It’s been a pleasure watching this growing up from an idea to a mature visualization!

Best wishes on your entry! :slight_smile:


Paradise could be anywhere else and on another planet, why not ?
As Lemog said, very Poetic ! Far away from war and species conflicts . Very well composed and inspired !
Great Job Martin !:thumbsup:



thx to everyone for the support, I’m glad it turned out the way it did…

I’ll post some wires if it will help anyone.

the shell modifier rocks ;p


Clean, crisp and colourful! Superb character modeling as well - the whole thing practically screams “book cover”, so, it’s right on target on top of everything else.



wire screenshots:



So challnege buddy from south Africa…You did it.And did it with a flare and style,an emotional and peaceful setting with a class and charm that drips within your final here…well done martin,and a very nice thread to follow from the get go,you really achieved your goals here,and the potential was reached and even surpassed…Always a pleasure to see your art.Well until we meet again…I wish you a whole lot of luck and all the best…take care martin,and again a very nice and special entry…:arteest: :beer:


Congratulations on your final image. I love that it’s character driven, and peaceful. Epic without conflict. The colouring is bang on, and now that I see it with the tree in place, I think you were right about the red on the drop ship. Great stuff. See you next challenge. :applause:


One vote From Me mate )))) :thumbsup:


wow that was quick… last time voting took a month!

there’s so many great entries… so inspiring…

thx essence ;p


I like how your image came out, great job on putting expression into the peoples faces.


You know you got a vote from me.



thx for the positive comments… im going thru the entries now and really just taking my time…

I reworked the colours again… and brought it back to the sepia version, but kept the red and pink hues…
I wish I had this idea a week ago, I might have submitted this instead…

I’ll print out a poster with these colours…


That looks cool man but its all the same to me I am color blind :wink:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
Its so harmonic…



Sorry that I missed your thread.




Wow a poster!? can i have a copy?

very nice…is a really elegant image …and poster size sounds great!!
wish u the best my friend…i want to thank u for sharing your art and for all the support u gave me…cya for the next one i hope!..ok bye


Wow! A great dropship design and I really like your tree. Even without the logo it is a great piece!


I really like the ship in this one. Good design, and good textures. :thumbsup:


||) |V| |^| - hehe ;p

theuni - thx dude! really appreciate it

ago-stino, no worries man…

rattlesnake, sure… if u want… I need to re-edit and do it properly… but right now I’ve got no harddrive space, and photoshop doesn’t work… lol … until I can free up something… then I can send you the tiff if u want.

jsdesigns, thx… I wish I had time to do the logo… but I’m still happy with it

webhead, thx man… it’s a challenge to do vehicle design… I’m glad u like it