Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


I just love this… It transmits great feeling, yeah! Great, just great :thumbsup: ! It’s a shame that all the models are so far so all their detailed hard work is far to see. But it still rockin :buttrock: !


beautyfull ! :scream:


a bit of tweaking and correcting a few mistakes I didn’t notice…

Can’t believe it’s done… sweeeet!

thanks to all that has support this piece, it’ll probably never be perfect, but I think it’s really close for me.

my 2nd finished art piece… to add to my tiny porti… hehe

for me, the entry symbolises a new beginning, that’s why I did the baby. I wanted to add other symbolic imagery in… but there’s just not enough time ;p

I regret not finishing the logo for the dropship paint vinyls… something to be added in the future perhaps.

It’s been a gr8 journey, and I’ve learnt alot from these challenges.

Good luck to every1, but the prize for me is finishing…


well congratz mate beautifull image!! ur jouney has ended but their is just starting…! :slight_smile:


• Lovely! it’s a real fantastic image, my only comment, as someone allready told you; grass seems too high, but in a strage planet everything can happen, all the natural elements are looking real great, I once told you: your style remind me a lot of Enky Bilal’s drawings, he was a comic book artist of the old Heavy Metal magazines…:thumbsup:

• I can’t imagine what elese can you add, I am glad to have follow your entry :beer:


This is truly one of the best images here…bottome linE… :applause:


a slighty higher res version… although only the fullsized one you can see the characters faces properly ;p



Looks like they have arrived to Paradise :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Excellent and crisp looking pic!
Good luck :slight_smile:


Congratulations on finishing your entry, your entry has a great sense of scale, great story behidn it, and great visuals, Good luck! :slight_smile:


This is an incredible piece and I love the implications implied wih the elements you have chosen to add! Great work and great story-telling! ;}:thumbsup:


WOW, very nice, Martin…just what I had expected from u:thumbsup:

I got so much feeling from this work…the sound of birds and gentle noise of wind are in my ears, the grass, the tree in their appearance give me the feeling of a real world -overall done with so much love…

I’m deeply impressed, my friend!:buttrock:


Fantastic man… and so poetic… that’s good for us… in a crual world… that rest our mind and our eyes… so good… I love it much… congrats Martin :bounce:


Wow this is really a poetic view of the GSO theme… :eek: + :applause: congratulation Versiden.


Congradulations on finishing Martin! Its been a long journey but judging from your finished product I would say well worth it! It is a beautiful and serene image to describe the theme. My girlfriend loved it. Great detail all around, the characters, ships, scenery. All done in fine fashion. Good job! :thumbsup::applause:


Congrats Martin, you finally finished. This is a beautiful image, great job. Good luck on the voting.


Holy heck…it almost looks painted. Beautiful work. Hope to hear more from you in the future! I’ve been here roughly since the beginning, so it’s great to see so many great pieces of art come out of this challenge, and yours certainly is one of them.

Cheers to this
:beer: :buttrock:


Hi Martin

Even though I have nothing new to add, I just have to say it anyway; Really nice image, very emotionally touching…
I have nothing to crit here, fantastic:thumbsup:

See u in future events


Oh, btw. saw you were having problems with the clipping planes in another thread. I wouldn´t scale the objects as the solution. Normally what I do is to create camera. Change the perspective view to this camera. In camera properties, change near clipping plane to 0 and far clipping plane to a high value. Then change back to perspective. Problem solved, as perspective is taking over the properties from the camera.

See u


Great job Versiden! Love the ships coming through the clouds.


Congrats! man you really made me think that’s our descendants in 3000 years from now!! Really nice, I love it! My best wishes and luck! :thumbsup: