Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


just played around with colours, and just desaturating and going sepia looks awesome…

I don’t think I’ll go this route for the final tho…


Very impressive work mate… I like the sepia version… but the result appear a bit to old… do you try do a blend between a render in color… and a render in gray or sepia… maybe that’s will be good… a old photo of the futur ? :slight_smile:


Ok versiden, wonderful man! A quick bit o crit, the sepia tone brings to my attention what it is distracting from the color version. It seems overly saturated. The work you have done is gorgeous if you try’ed adding a bit of golds or a sunset in the background you will achieve a better effect. Wash the image in warm colors. That golden birth of morning, a new day on a new world effect would be achieved. Here at the moment with the color tones it looks like a nice picnic in kansas… I hope that might help, because you have done some many beautiful models, I want to see it through.


oh…very nice mate!..i think you made a great work man…u can also try a green tone …but i think is looking nice…im waiting for the final one friend…good luck


Nooo! Man I don’t know, I LOVE the original color… I don’t know if sepia could be as good as the original. Anyways its just my opinion!


I textured the main carrier ship, I didn’t go crazy since I was going to fade it out anyway…

also rendered out the smaller ships for the background, and started to comp it into the scene ( very rough at the moment)

clouds still not final, I’m going to save that for tomorrow… going to be down to the wire


looking good.
It’s so fun to see all these great images finally coming together.

Best of luck to you


Beautiful bright scene…looks great…I like the clouds they have a story telling touch to them :thumbsup: …keep on compo’n


It’s coming along very well martin…Really see how the potential you set out for is being achieved…A beautiful feel and mood,and a very well executed piece top to bottom…All the best in your stretch run here,and again,it’s all looking very nice…:arteest: :buttrock:


Looks very good. Definitely has a “fresh start” appeal which is what
the story is about. Clear and smog free. The ship is awesome, the texturing for the faces,
the clothes, all top notch. :applause:

my 3d entry


The feel of the image is very serene so far. The textures are very appropriate.


well… come on vers ! i wanna see final!


more last minute modelling…
modelled some plants that I want at the base of the tree…

busy texturing


textured the plants…
the pollen I did in post in PS, added tiny weeds and falling leaves…

almost there!


I think this is the final image…

added some butterflies, and desaturated the sky a bit (-25).

comments apprciated ;p

orginal res, 4096x 2458


wonderful my friend! But move everything left. I mean the main action. The ship is just too close to the tree. Set exacly in the middle, or even slightly on the left of the picture.


um dude… that’s like telling Michaelangelo after he finished painting the sistine to paint it on another ceiling…

the composites toook friggin days… no ways I can move anything… ;p

I played around with centering the ship a month ago… but I felt that would make very little space for the background ships - and I wanted somewhere for that and also somewhere on the canvas to be clean and easy on the eyes. I wanted it close to the tree from the beginning anyway ;p

ta for your input m8 :smiley:


ok, I understand you very well… when I will show my final in the night and someone would tell to change the composition I will kill him:):):slight_smile: So maybe put some ships in the distance there? two more below the one which is closest…?


dude ! Great feeling I get from this ! Thanks !


oh this scene is beautiful man!
u made great modeling and texturing and your details look awesome…

you made nice compositing…it turned really nice man!..congratulations for finishing!