Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


• Hi Martin!, Sky Looks super! I agree with Artur, also I may suggest to try a very thin sepia veil in the whole image after it is ready, or maybe try a thin blue


Hi Martin, my friend…pls. excuse my long absence from your thread:blush:

The dropship looks awesome and shows your great skills. Very good, mate. I love especially the little details…they make it real real:arteest:

Imho the grass needs a little bit tweakin’ in the form…all of the grass strokes look like the same source of grass groups. …and it could be a good effect if u try to use some dof for the grass…

Anyway i can’t await your final knowing it’ll be awesome art…

Best wishes, Martin…keep it flowin’,mate!:beer:


When Worlds collide…A beautiful sky,very nice touch and well done Martin…And then comes the rougher tougher side of things with the dropship…A nice balance,and it creates an interesting piece,the contrast is a good one…A lot of effort has been put in here,and a lot of quality to go with it…nice concept and all well executed from modeling to textures…nice talent on display here…get her to the finish line Martin,well done for sure…:arteest: :arteest:


The composition tests are great so far! :thumbsup:

The BG is quite interesting by itself…

adding the ship and the grass is quite fitting…I’d play a bit with grass colors (variation and saturation too…)…but waiting for some more…:thumbsup:


very nice looking background mate! quality skie!

nice work dude…:thumbsup:


Man…Top-class work as usual mate…sky is fantastic, but I agree with the Dimi, the ship could do with a bit less specularity.

Cheers! A little while more to go!


thanks to all for the support and the crits, I’ve been hard at work comp’ing this beast of a scene… it’s really huge and my machine is just dishing out memory errors… argh

the work around for now is that I’ve reduced the sizes of some texture maps, which seems to have helped alot…
will try to get something posted soon… well, when I get home which is 8 hours from now… hehe


well we all have problems with our massive scene! :slight_smile:
great work here mate… w8ing for that update!


The textures of the ship is very great and the render too, i like this ship, good work


Yes… textures and ship render are :thumbsup: but what next now ??? more man… more :bounce: :bounce:


hope this fullfills the milestone

I have 3 main spot lights to light the scene.
1 spot with a yellow tint to light the grass
and about 6 omni’s placed to highlight the characters


I\'ve had to render each component separately…

the grass I had divided up into 2 patches, one for the foreground, and one for the background… together at once my machine just died ;p

rendered the trees separately, the dropship, and the characters.

So far here\'s my compositing in post with the layers together…
no colour correction applied yet…

Will render out the remaining characters and carrier ark for the background…

texture updates, I textured the leaves, grass and tree bark…
I reduced the spec on the ship as some suggested - what do u think…

the Sky will be tweaked again most likely… loads to do and hopefully finish by the weekend…

damn, these characters are tiny ;p


nice progress, and i have to crit just one thing: maybe i’m just wrong but it seems to me that ship is lit from right but sky indicates sun on left and that lightning has “studio” feel. it is not lit from sun and environment but from spotlights.
anyway, good work


I still think that the grass is too big. But nevertheless the picture looks great.


Hey Martin,

I like what you have done, the colors are very nice. The guy closest to the camera seems to be standing in a hole compared to the other guy in the grass, don’t know if this is what you want . Its a nice effect but I think I would minimize it a little more.
Anyways great image:thumbsup: .Good luck with finishing this.


is looking good dude…i kinda agree about the grass…but is not imposible to have a grass like that…so no problem:thumbsup:…is looking nice man…keep goin mate!


turbinea - hmmm, well the light source coming from the left is alot stronger than all the rest. The highlight on the left of the tree, tells me that the main source is left. Interesting crit tho, good to have fresh eyes on this and get crits ;p

arturro, rattlesnake - the grass as at knee height right now… I think too short would give it that ‘just mowed’ look.
I based my garden on this grass height - right now it’s really long it shameful ;p
If you look on the dude on the left, the grass seems right (all the grass is uniform throughout)… I guess the blades closest to the camera is giving it that extra long look. Not sure if there’s a way around it, unless I slope off the ground.

mmoir - lol, he’s actually kneeling down, not sure if can see it from the reduced image.

thanks guys ;p


• 3 more days Martin! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


• 3 more days Martin! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

hmm yes:bounce::bounce::bounce:


rendered the final characters for the scene, and added them in.

I painted hair over the bald guy and some hair corrections for the female…