Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Well,well,Martin,the dropship has turned out real well.really a nice tone and detailed look.very nice texture job.:arteest: :buttrock:


wonderful! Very real. I only feel a lack of some lights. Both inside and small outside. But it looks great!



thanks for the replies…

still having alot of trouble browsing… this took me like 10 minutes to open the page! maybe I have a virus? I seem to downloading something all the time hidden the background? - Not keen to reinstall windoze.

textures are still being worked, I hope to finish this soon, time is really running out and the comp will be really tough - especially the grass and foilage, which I haven’t yet done ;(

arturro, GaNNEl, lights are going to be added… still to come. gr8 minds think alike ;p It’ll be inside the ship, as maybe computer equipment, still detailed the exterior and where to put them

gwhite206 - yeh… It’s in the master-plan, still trying to conceptualize it, but it’ll really add to the decals

Darkone2652,, Lemog, rattlesnake, Virtuoso - always great to get feedback and your support is really motivating…


Beautiful Martin. Great work. I think you’ve accomplished a fantastic feat of modeling. I cannot wait to see you bring all these beautiful elements together in the end. Keep at it. :slight_smile:


more texturing…

changed the main paint job to a red, trying it out… any comments?

most of it is done… just need to get inspiration for a logo.
My original idea, when I started in Oct’, was for a “Betty” type of image. Not sure about it now.

10 days and counting…


I’m impressed. Great change. The dirt texture of the entrance is wonderful. I realy hope you will finish this piece of art on time.


i am folowing your art


hi Martin,
can’t wait to see the final image…well, it’s just few more days…i can wait! wish you luck!


Yes Yes…great additions to your testures here on that ship …timne to put it all together now :buttrock:


Hi there Martin!
Nice textures here mate, very good looking! Hehe, i like the footprint a lot, excelent idea on that, You can add some of them in the main bay also :slight_smile:
Good luck!




started painting the sky in PS…

I quite like it… there’s more details still going to be added on the mountains… right now it’s just shapes…

comments welcome


man ur modeling / texturing skills are awsome! i really enjoy this thread!


NIce Sky. Keep it up. You have some real skills. Are you using a Tablet or a Mouse?


Looking good Martin. Keep at it! The end draws nigh.


dunno which milestone this is, combination of texturing and lighting and rendering I guess…

This is a test with the grass and dropship against the background… it’s getting close.
The grass I used the same method with the leaves, by using a PArray and some grass blades as instanced geometry.

Going to play more with lighting to highlight the grass better…

updates to come


OK …weeeee …nice stuff …

a: Sky background …i like tottaly

b: Grass …u will do what u say …so waiting for that :thumbsup:

c: …Ship is awesome…don’t know if u have to cut down a bit the shiny stuff of it…just a thought…keep going man… :bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


your dropship is perfect ! but i think the grass is too saturate ,maybe u can desaturate it ,and i have some suggestion about the tree , now the scale of tree is big , it make your dropship look small like car! ,i don’t know it’s an alien tree or what , but ,hope it’ help :thumbsup:


REally coming along! :thumbsup: It’s probably a bit late, but i think i prefer the ship without the red texturing. As fabulous as your dropship is (i’m truly envious of it), compositionally/emotionally i think you’ll want it to take a back seat to the characters in the foreground, and i think the red is going to draw the eye’s attention to it. just my 2c. Keep going-- it’s down to the wire now! :slight_smile:


Great work my friend. I especially like the clouds. Work a bit on the grass. I think that there are too many colors(or rather the difrences between them are too big), also the grass should be more thick, moe gently:) Now it takes a bit focus from the ship.