Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Nice very nice…the clothe detail looks very good. How did you texture the patterns on the cloak without hardly any warping? couldn’t have been easy…

Cheers to that!


That’s marvellous man… always better, very nice and thin work… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I think five thumbs is not suficient… the rest now… go Martin :scream:


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


Ho Yes… Happy New Year my south friend :bounce: and don’t forget to take some rest… 2004 it’s finish… hurry up 2005… with always talentuous guys lilke you… :thumbsup:


A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Martin…All the best to you.:beer: :beer:


That is excellent. you have done a wonderful job on this. Keep it up. Happy new year and have alot of fun!


WOW! Your work looks véry awesome! I like the clean modelling! Also that girl (and the other human chars you modelled) áre pretty and elegant! :slight_smile: Something I especially like at that girls clothes, are the wrinkles on it! Thát is something that gives it a more ‘living’ feeling! :slight_smile:

Allot good luck & a very happy newyear!,



Have a happy new year martin


Hi Martin, best wishes for 2005 and certainly:


…keep your flowin’ like u always did, my friend :beer::beer::beer:


Nice work ye were doing last year mate!!:applause:
Wishing the best for the upcoming 363 days (January the 2nd post…pretty late too) of the new year!!!


That dress is so beautiful! LOVE IT!

Good luck in the challenge!


my lack of updates due my crap connection… I think my ISP’s international bandwidth has gone down the tubes - I have been unable to browse international sites, and can’t make updates.

right now I’m using my friends bandwidth… so I’ll just upload everything I have so far.

Texturing on the mother figure is done, something is just quite not there for me, maybe my lighting is just wrong…


texturing progress for the dropship…

I’ve textured the main areas for now…
left to do are the doors, interior, inner hull…


(hopefully my ISP can sort out their problems quickly)


very nice dropship, i looking forward how you will compose it to final image.I`m working on dropship now too…


Hey excellent work :thumbsup:! Mother and baby clothing, models and textures are just amazing :eek: ! And I like the dropship, but maybe it’ll look more attractive with some glowing lights… maybe, just an idea! keep it up man :scream: !


Hey also consider adding some color details, like an insignia, to the dropship’s texture map.
Overall good texturing and modeling.


Perfect texture…:twisted:


Yep… I like textures too… that’s seem to the real one :cool:


oh…wow…the ship is looking truly good…very nice work mate!:buttrock::buttrock::buttrock: