Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Nice very nice, for some reason it reminds me of Doom 3, with the pale skin and all! Hope to see texturing soon!



got him rigged, kindof a boring pose but…pfft, what else can he do with no surroundings hehe…

markovicd., keetmun… thanks for the comments… texturing to come…


Hey Martin,

The last model looks really good. The clothing has a really nice look to it , the folds look very natural.His neck looks a little funny in the last pose but this is overall a great model. :thumbsup:


Yes man… texturing, texturing, texturing :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: hop hop hop… :smiley:


the skin textures at the moment, not using sss but I’m trying to fake it… comments, thx ;p

I’ve used a falloff in the diffuse channel, along with a translucency map. Alot of trial and error, progress looking good so far. Rendered with default scanline.


VEEEEEEERRRRRYYYYY nice…i just think the chin is a little small from under…sorry my English are terrible…too much caffeine… :scream: :bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


he looks great. my only crits would be that his lips could have a bit more colour, and that his five o-clock shadow extends a bit far down his neck.


Hi Martin…Well the clothing has turned out quite nicely,nice folds and and flow to them…The character’s textures are well done…My only suggestions would be…Small tips,could be of some help Martin…:arteest:

…Would be to get the burn tool out and paint random spots around on the nose region…Also with a smaller pixel brush diameter of about 8 or so paint a few vertical lines down the center of the nose.These lines will add alot of realism to your characters…You should also darken the cheeks along the sides of the nose…

You can also try to lighten the center of the nose with the Dodge tool…This wont make much of a difference with bump textures but will with color textures…

…You should also do some more color shifting in your bump textures,this will create more detail in your color textures…

I think the cheeks and forehead need more cracking,more wrinkles…Use the burn tool at about 18 pixels and paint a few lines vertically following the contours of the face…Then use the dodge tool with about a 25 pixel diameter and paint real subtle light spots between the cracks to raise the skin tissue very slightly…It’s also great to use the burn tool at 4 pixels or so and paint small criss crossing strokes to create very tiny skin cracks…

I think as you say trial and error and keeping this in mind to some extent will be the answer,just some more tweaking and blood sweat and tears…

Keep it coming strong,your concept is really coming along nicely.Really a nice entry,with solid work…:arteest: :beer:


that’s some excellent modeling skills you have my friend I like the mother with the child I just thinkin about that the baby looks little bit strange or may be it’s just me however I wish you luck and keep up the good work


very great modeling friend!..i love the way u model the clothes is just very real…
are u using z brush for the face?
well the i think youre getting a nice result on the skin texture…at least is great for me…
and if youre trying to add more realism to the face just follow virtuoso advices and add the eye lashes…

very good modeling and texturing work man!



thx for the tips Virtuoso, I know the bump map doesn’t show alot of skin wrinkles, but the characters are so far away from the camera - my logic is that the work put in will not show. From the comp test I did, they are really super tiny in the overall scheme of things, makes me wonder why I made them so high poly… ;(
The colour suggestions are great, and I’ll work on those, thanks…

rattlesnake, eyelashes and hair I’ll add in post if the characters are large enough in the final. Not using Zbrush, just Max…

Divaise, is it the baby’s pose? or the face front shot I posted first… will look into it

artemesia66, hehe, I think you’re right… I’ll correct it.

DimitrisLiatsos, thx dude… caffeine is goood


update… haven’t made the colour changes that you’ve suggested Virtuoso, just saw your post… so will be done later ;p

from this distance it doens’t even look like I’ve textured the clothes…
tshirt and boots are untextured…


Texturing goes pretty well mate! :thumbsup: Agree with Virtuoso on suggestions for the face…also I would also play a bit with colors on face…and add some dirt and variations to the clothes as well…just a bit…to differentiate the coloring…(tip: I do the variation in the saturation map some times…)

Keep it up mate!!:slight_smile:


my progress on the texturing for the technician. In retrospect, I think the nose is a bit too small. Anyway, still a long way to go…

I probably could add more spots and blemishes… hmmm…

As for the neck, the clothing covers it up

thanks alot for the feedback and tips, they really help


hehe very clean I think too clean and too shiney but it’s great at all :wink: I love your models keep going good luck


Indeed very clean work…ok u are officialy now earned the Bubble Sentence…:bounce:

Ok…here we go…

:bounce: U ARE NUTS :bounce:


No Dim… its TOO MUCH clean and also perfect… This guy must stop now… I’m crying :scream: your work is fantastic Martin :thumbsup:


really clean and smooth model


thanks alot for the feedback guys… glad you like it
I think I’ll reduce the specularity slighty and add more spots…

so little time… then there’s new years, and recovery days… haha…



looking good. :thumbsup: i agree about reducing the specularity, in general, but maybe leaving it pretty high in the “T-zone” (forehead, nose, chin), which is generally oilier.