Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


hehe, I think doom3 babies can learn a thing or two from my smiles ;p



I didnt know about the shrink and grow shortcut, will be very useful, and i think f5, f6, and f7 limit movement on the x(f5), y(f6), or z(f7) axis.

The babies expression did seem a bit creepy the first time i looked at it, he reminds me of a cartoon. Great modeling on the baby, and good luck posing with all the models touching.


Excellent work man, I personally liked your battlescene/ships more then the project you settled on but I know what you mean by saying the first scene was just “thrown together” and had little meaning to you. The expressions on the chars faces are … disturbing :slight_smile:

Excellent work though, your modeling is very very good, I can’t wait to see the finished scene. Keep it up!


Psycho babies invade! :scream: Heh heh just kidding. Great models as always. The female model looks really really good, but a bit too fat for my liking, but goodness knows we sure lack some of those around here.

Great job as always!


Very nice work martin. Keep it up. You got these organics ironed out solid. Very nice. I will be back.


what a challenge… I think I’m quite happy with the way it is now… I have to move on otherwise I’ll never finish

more updates coming


Looking very good my friend. Keep at it the end is near… seeing the finish line just makes me run faster!:bounce:


wow! how I can miss this thread?? I like everithing, the main idea, the characters, the ships, the drawings, and the models. Impressive work! :buttrock:


Cheer man, you succeeded in seizing a privileged moment of love between a mother and her baby… I’m waiting your great textures, so that this moment go to the posterity… :thumbsup:


I’ve taken the mesh that I’ve created for the technician model, and tweaked and pulled vertices into this new character…

refined the neck since the other model I didn’t detail - since it was covered by clothes

I’m also going to use parts from the techician character I did like the boots, hands and jacket.

c/c appreciated.


another angle…


Hey man! WOW ! I like a lot the mother and the baby! The way her fingers affect the clothing :eek:! And about the man I like it but it looked like if he had a scar in the chin, or I dont know it just seems to me strange! Anyways waiting for more updates! :thumbsup:


Nice tree and characters.
I’d love to start seeing some comp renders. Looks like a very non-violent approach and something that can really be cool.
good luck and keep it coming. (nice head model)


Always a great pleasure to discover your model :bounce:


Great work man:applause:
really nice charecters and accessoreis.



ver nice model!
Merry christmas!


Hey man! Nice progress! :thumbsup:

The woman with baby pose has something very familiar…
nice start on the old guy too!!!

Merry christmas mate! :wavey:


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

thanks for comments, time is getting short and I haven’t even started texturing… pushing hard to get things done. I will post modelling updates in a short while…


finished the clothes for this character, some I reused from the technie model I created earlier. Still took alot longer than I thought to finish, even tho most of the work was done.

The clothing design I’d say is quite modern and would probably hold in todays fashion and not radically futuristic. Hopefully I can start texturing today!


versiden! BRAVO! BRAVO… so realistic! my eyes enjoy watching this! :slight_smile: