Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


modelling progress on the mother figure for the scene. She is nameless at the moment;(

Hair I’m still deciding if it should be tied up or let loose at the back.

The green cloth piece was the random color max assigned when I created it. It kinda stuck with me so I left it…

eyebrows are temporary right now - I just modelled it too see if she looks ok (hard to model humans with no brows)


Great progress so far over here…I like very much the little details in the mother figures hair …keep it up…your compo looks very balanced to …will look perfect with a dreamy sky in the backdrop… :thumbsup:


Hello Versiden! You’re moving pretty fast!! :thumbsup:

The compo test is looking good but I don’t get a grande feeling so far…maybe there’s something missing in the background that will pop up the grande-ness of the composition!

The “nameless” mother face is awsome! I think you should leave the hair loose and chest long…don’t ask how I had this vision…:curious:…don’t know either!

Keep it strong mate!



You are an hard worker man… An another great model was born… I’m so curious to see the next update… :thumbsup:


Yeah great model! :applause: Can’t to see it textured!!!


hey all

thanks for all the crits, but now I’ve seem to have hit a brick wall…

somehow I cannot select vertices for my editable poly anymore. I can select edges, polygons, borders and element - except for vertices

all the other objects in the scene are fine except for this one… I tried coverting it to a editable mesh which didn’t work either.

When I go into vertex sub object mode - it doesn't show the dots, it is enabled in the viewport settings tho'

anyone have a suggestion? somehow I've locked or freezed the vertices

I’ve posted this problem in the max forum also, too see if any1 there would know


Hello Versiden, I have encountered the same problem (mainly on heavy loaded scenes) and I tried some of the usual restarts (not so deligate solution!!) Also try hidding some of the geometry you’re not editing. Also in a previous version of the program I had found some submenu where you could define the size and color of the vertices preview…but can’t find it in current version (6)…

Wish you luck and to see soon an update! :wavey:


I sometimes get that when my screensaver comes up while max is running, converting it into editable mesh wont work, you just have to restart make or your computer. If that doesn’t work then hide unused geometry like terraac said. I’ve never made a heavy poly/vertex scene/model but I do belive your video card won’t display certain things when theres to much in the viewprt to show, vertex are the first to go.


• Group the troubling object, save the scene, open an empty doc, merge the troubling object, it shoul be fine by now, save the scene, open the original, delete the trobling object and merge the good one :deal: , Don’t ask me why, only thing I know is that it works :thumbsup:

• If your scene is to big, work in layers e.g. main characters one layer, spaceship another layer, background another layer and so on, then just hide the unnesesacry layers while working, also alt Q isolates the selection so you can work much better


ahh, I"ve found the problem… seems as though the vertices were actually hidden (didn’t know that could be done)
I was trying to find shortcuts for “hide unselected”, so I must have been in vertex sub object mode and hit CTRL+I

sorted out now… thanks for the help
The scene wasn’t very big at all, just the body mesh for the mother figure i was working on so it didn’t make sense that it could be some sort of video or memory issue

terraarc, to change the size of the vertex ticks… goto customize>preferences, goto the viewport tab, and there’s a vertex size slider (default 2)

for the colours, goto customise>customise user interface>colors tab . Set the elemetns tab to geometry and scroll down to vertex ticks


Glad you’ve sorted out! Thanks for the tips too! :thumbsup:
All those shortcut are kind of disturbing though! I constantly turn off the move,rotate,scale gizmo by accident! Still can’t always remember the right shortcut to bring it up!

Anyway, sorry for the off topic…hope to see some vertices tweaked soon here! :thumbsup:

Thanks again


Looking very nice Martin…very pleasant,I think a must with your theme?concept…I think the hair could remain tied,giving the face the whole attention,allowing all the emotion to stay there…Nicely done,your doing a real nice job here,keep it coming and coming well…:arteest: :arteest:


very nice work on the nameless one. Perhaps her name should be something like that, Mother One, lol anyway, jk of course but I like the progress. As usual your updates are very meticulous. I am still not sure about the composition though, I know, I know its just a draft, maybe after the next update I will see it more clearly. Keep at it my friend you are doing excellent.


nice man just one comment on the cloth on her head… It kinda looks like it fell on her head rather than being held with something on it… Or it might be just me… Very nice work so far…


terraarc, ye I do that too… dunno what the shortcut for it is… but I manage to hit it often

Virtuoso, thx…still undecided… right now going to work on the body and clothes, then back to the hair so it falls properly. Maybe the front fringe hanging and the back hair tied?

||) |V| |^|, thanks… I’ll post more comp ideas hopefully when all the modelling is done

icedeyes, hmm good point… I’ll see what I can do, maybe it doesn’t appear to be tight enough.

I’m busy toying with the idea of having a robot in the scene, but I know I don’t have time for it… would be cool tho.


hey great modleing dude… i like the way u takle head modeling… its clear tha ur going for a very realistic look, so i got a lil crit… everything looks good but i think theres something not right around the lip area… and the same goes for the brow, i suggest u thiken it a little bit, but dont take every word i say, its just my taste mayb… anyways keep up the aweosme job, hope to c more from u… :thumbsup:


Hey Martin,
The scene is coming together , I like your compositional test and the drop ship is looking very cool, believable too. The mother character model looks nice, I think the tear duct area of the eyes should be sunk a little further into the head .
Great work so far.:thumbsup:


I like it the plan you have for the final image (I didn’t see it last time I was around) :thumbsup:! The angle is good, LOL they look like stupid aliens that just landed in another planet, not their home :scream: . Where the hell are we :shrug: ? Anyways, when complete with ll I think I’ll be nice, maybe if you’re going to add mountains in the back, it will rock, and for the nameless model, I’ll let her have the hair loose at the back! Keep going :scream: !


Your work looks great and nice concept.

Will keep an eye out for your work.


Your models are beautifu; and clean, I am definately going to follow your concept!