Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Martin Sen has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Origins

a bit of tweaking and correcting a few mistakes I didn’t notice…

Can’t believe it’s done… sweeeet!

thanks to all that has support this piece, it’ll probably never be perfect, but I think it’s really close for me.

my 2nd finished art piece… to add to my tiny porti… hehe

for me, the entry symbolises a new beginning, that’s why I did the baby. I wanted to add other symbolic imagery in… but there’s just not enough time ;p

I regret not finishing the logo for the dropship paint vinyls… something to be added in the future perhaps.

It’s been a gr8 journey, and I’ve learnt alot from these challenges.

Good luck to every1, but the prize for me is finishing…


Hey there Martin…Looks like I get to be first in welcoming you…This has potential over the top does’nt it? I will be locked onto your entry,and looking forward to high end work for sure.All the best and may high poly counts go with you…:arteest: :beer:


YOYOYOYOYO i am happy to see i here again, i was wondering if u would enter, cant wait to see some of ur work again, well best of luck (dont think u need it tho)

i am sure we will see a

under ur name soon


heyomg!! a new challenge

not sure if I can even finish this one, but I’m definately in!

rough idea of what I had so far:

future humans have progressed in technology that they are now utlising the sun as their main source of power. However over the years, the sun’s radiation has become unstable, so structures/force fields were erected around the sun to protect earth and existing planets. The structures/forcefields not only keep the sun’s radiation at bay, but also channel the rays safely to distribute power.

Enemies of earth see this as an obvious attack - to destroy the systems in place around the sun - we fry … lol
so… a battle ensues … a big one… the Battle to save the Sun

rough ideas… just thought I get this posted …
Not sure how original this idea is … or if it’s been done, I haven’t watched every sci-fi out there ;p

more ideas to follow or improve

good luck to all


hi mate…first i want to say good luck to you…and second: i think your idea is sweet!..i can imagine that battle…it will be great art piece for sure…
ill be watching your steps man!:thumbsup:


I enjoyed the progression of your Machineflesh submission, and can’t wait to see what you come up with here! I like the idea. But wouldn’t it be more efficient to build a force-field around just the planets whose ozones can’t filter out the radiation? It’s hard to imagine the undertaking of creating a containment/power-leeching field to encompass the entire sun. But I suppose that’s kinda the point huh? The granduer of it’s awe-striking immensity. This Idea makes me think of the beams holding up the dark tower in Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series (awesome in my opinion). I’m not going to wish you luck, cause you got skill! Much more effective than luck.



Good Luck :thumbsup:

Love your idea, can’t wait to see it


very rough sketch of another idea. A band of soldiers taking cover against a shot down fighter. In the background there’s more fighters engaging in battle.


When I saw this sketch… I think this project will be great… like the past one… Wellcome back Martin… and still show us awesome pictures… good luck man :thumbsup:


Nice sketch !


Hi versiden, Very nice sketch and a promising concept.:slight_smile:


cool battle scene


Wild and wicked Mayhem…A space opera coming this way fast martin.Looking nice.:cool:


Great sketch! can’t wait to see some progress.


Really nice concept. I love the characters, they’re not really detailed right now, but I love them being there. Organics! :stuck_out_tongue:


hey guys,

thx for comments, much appreciated!

Right now working on some spaceship designs… so even tho I don’t go with the sketch idea I can still use the spaceships in the scene. I think I prefer the ground battle better over the space scene.

now off to my daily does of Bleach Manga … oh ye!


Nice concept.
I like it because it shows much of the background story.


…Hi Martin, great to see u in …and wow, u did a nice concept, man!

Way cool, your idea with the ground battle, 'cause imho it’s more difficult to bring in a epic feeling than in space scenes (space is just epic;-)).
As seen in your MF Entry I know u will do a great piece of work here…:buttrock:

Looking forward to see more of your concept sketches - they are really nice, mainly the charakters in the foreground…

Go on like that, dude:beer:



Reminds me the spaceship of Galactica ! Cool !