Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Really good color update! :thumbsup: I think that a bit more saturated version would look a little nice…don’t know for sure of course…:curious:

Nice direction to the old sci-fi look!! :bounce:


Thanks all!!! :blush:

Waouuw lot of reply, sorry for the delay to answer but i wasn’t at home.

Gunilla–> Thanks friend, i’m happy that you like the new post!! It’s the way i want to go! :slight_smile:

[li]yes it the way i want, just some part of ink style, but not all.[/li][li]The flowership is down the cargo, they are very little, i put more now.[/li][/ul]Thanks my friend!

WazaR–>hehe!! thanks man! hope you like the final image! (thanks again for the help :beer: )

artemesia66–> Thanks too! Yeah, it can be cool, i must do some test :arteest:

digital_blade–> thanks! Yes i really want to go this way… i’m happy that you like it!
For the glow, it will be a little less strong.

Lelantos–> Thanks too!! :beer:

terraarc–> Thanks friend!! Yes perhaps it will be more saturate, i don’t know. It’s cool that you like this style too!! :cool:

Thanks again all for the reply!! It motive me a lot to continue to this way! :wip:

Sorry again for the delay!!
I hope to post soon some update!!

Thanks!! :beer:


i am liking the organic look of the models in your scene, your modelling and texturing skills are really amazing. looking forward to seeing more from you.

one suggestion from me would be to enhance a bit the starfield background you’ve got. it looks a little bit too simple for my taste and could do with a bit of tweaking. Alynmight be a good source for inspiration in this aspect, he’s got some amazing images and i think that a tutorial or something.

Good Luck!!


Man! you’re right i know… must work on this! And the link is very very cool :cool: excellent image, i’m looking for tutorial.

Thanks a lot!! :beer:


no problem dude!!!


oi! nice color schemes Lombardo, you might want to shed some fumes near the lights…:shrug: …ah that’s looking good man…your the BOSS… keep up the good stuff!


hey ur work is taking shape my good man…nice idea, great composition and awesoe execution… keep up the good works mate… :thumbsup:


Well,well…Lombardo.what they got in that Belgian water…Or is it that World famous beer :beer: …Whatever it is you got this entry of yours in the fast lane now,It’s progressed very nicely.I can see your vision coming to life very well now.Really nice job in the last update,your compo/layout is just right now,I think you are certanly in the right road to getting this as you set out to do…All the best to you and I hope for continued success with this for you.Work hard,it’s paying off…:arteest: :beer:


Thanks for reply all!! Ok, now i’ve got the good way, so i have modelisate the last object, here comes the base for the other vegetal plants.
Not yet finished, but i have a lot of work at school and so i can work long time for the challenge, but some holiday are coming…;p


Thanks for the reply all!! :slight_smile:

uwil—> Thanks man!! Yes it can be a good idea… why not!! :bounce:

overcontrast—> Thanks too man! :thumbsup:

Virtuoso—> Thanks a lot my friend!! :beer:
It’s cool that you can see now what i want to do!! Thanks for all the reply you help me a lot!!
I work, i work !! :wip: … a little slow for now, 'cause i’ve got lot of work at school :cry: , but soon some holidays are coming, and i can work more for the challenge!! :bounce:
Hope i can take a beer with you if you come in belgium!! :beer:


Last model looks really cool! I don’t quite get it - where should it go in the final image?
It will make a nice contrast to the organic shapes for sure. :thumbsup:

And yes, we’ll have plenty of fun in the holidays!


Hi, of your model I like the design much congratulations.


Thanks Gunilla!! It will be here when it will finished :

To add some details to the vegetal, but it’s not finished yet… lot of work to do, it will look like the one on foreground.

Tranchefeux, thanks too!! :beer: (edit: Le chat que tu as fais est carrément incroyable!!! Très bon boulot!!:thumbsup: )


I get it - thanks for filling me in. It will look great I think :thumbsup:


Looking beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the composition. :thumbsup:


• The base of the vegetal plants look great, they remember me of the prince of persia
• Keep working pal!:thumbsup:


You are a great modeler!!!:bounce:


Hello Lombardo! Going nice with the vegetal! Looking at your last image I see you’re heading towards competion (of course as an artist you’ll always find the result lesser than you imagined…)! You have whole month for playing around with your “child” adding staff…

Keep it up mate! It’s great where you’re going! :thumbsup:

PS: Continue to think that you need some more color…


hey tha base looks cool!

I’m curious, will there be some light-rays or something go through the center?

might look pretty nice…

…or maybe you could use those middle outer rings as some sort of lightning-guide…

keen to se more…



All go vegeltal modeling…Alright Lombardo…really great to see this newest addition,I like this very much…your project has been a fun and nice one to follow,but now has gotten even better…Keep this up and roaring as you are…Nice all the way…:arteest: :buttrock: