Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Liu wei


thank you,sorry ,it’s maya.


thank you ,and Maybe no time now ,:scream:


ok,soldier,4th times,


a lot of soldiers render


compositing test,


that’s all,and maybe after add blood is final


so simple concept


oh,Final .:slight_smile:


WOW! U are really quick :slight_smile:
Gongrats! :applause:


hey that looks really great.
lots of fun things to look at.
I only wish I could tell what exactly happened.


That’s my story–>
After a so crazy star war (nuke),that’s doom, and our earth becomes a hell .so there are a lot of bodys and debris in outer space.
actully I wanted to add a little blood in outer space.but I give up it. because the image is so jumbled.
I don’t know whether does it match the subject of this challenge.:smiley:
there is no war in my work.Hope you like and my best wishs for all!
good luck everyone!:slight_smile:


Yes, that is a grand space opera picture:) Really great, but if you find time in this few hours, maybe try to expose the characters more.


I added a photo beside the hand of soldier body.and added a soldier body.
It’s the really final.god!

good luck everybody!I love U!


It’s good. very good.

I think shadow is unbalance.
I think diffuse shadow in spaceship is not in space.


:scream: :smiley: ,Thank u,I compose all,u r right,Actually the shadow is babelism.
I wanted to add depth in image before at least some blur.but I think there isn’t air in space.
and the earth also lights something -->(the shadow is babelism).it’s my so stupid explain.:smiley:


Congrats and good luck.




After I have finnished my picture I just feeled something like this - AfterWar. Death disaster emptyness. Great image. Congratulations!


Great composition!
You are an artist and I wish you success in your future.You guys (chinese) are doing really well.
What do you eat?:shrug:
Anyways,I think you are one of the finalist!


Hi eatbug .! ur are a sure made a render that will sure attract many eyes … amazing work :thumbsup:! wish u good luck!


That’s a very good entry ! It’s like an abstract cosmic balet… Nice ideea the “after fight” - I almost can see the sublime movement of all the damaged elements.

Beautiful !